Camera Club: Three Adorable Children & Location Scouting

Each month, Heather Lahtinen with Weddings by Heather and the Flourish Academy organizes a camera club meetup for local photographers throughout the Pittsburgh area.

June’s camera club introduced us to three of the most adorable children, ranging in ages from two- to eight-years-old. They were among the most stylish little ones I’ve seen (Mom and Dad, too)! Just look at these outfits!

little girl wearing sunglasses on a rope swing black and white

young boy in a plaid shirt wearing sunglasses on a rope swing

young boy with blue mohawk wearing sunglasses at golden hour

young boy in a plaid shirt poses in a field of tall grass

young boy with blue mohawk poses in a field

parents sitting with children in a field for a family session

family of five posing in field for a family session

toddler in a field during golden hour

In addition to photographing these cute kiddos, Heather shared some location scouting tips as we explored her sprawling 35-acre property. We talked about several considerations photographers should keep in mind based on a variety of circumstances. Heather recommended choosing a location based on the following factors.

1. Safety

Safety first, always. Exercise extra caution with hazards like ticks and poison ivy when photographing in rural areas and fields (especially in western Pennsylvania where the Lyme risk is off-the-charts this year) as well as in less-than-ideal urban settings that present their own challenges. Choosing a location that is safe ensures that your clients will feel more at ease, which will translate into your images. An uncomfortable client will photograph so, and no photographer wants that!

2. The Client

Who will you be photographing? Families, particularly those with small children, often require special accommodations and careful logistics. Avoid areas without restroom facilities or locations that require a lengthy trek to where you’ll be holding the session.

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3. The time of day (and direction of the sun)

Light: it’s possibly the single most important element for beautiful photos. Poor lighting flatters no one. Even if you’re photographing your subjects amid the most breathtaking background, you must keep in mind the light, which will be affected by the time of day and the direction of the sun. Train your eye to watch for uneven, dappled light, the angle of light, shadows–essentially, how the light is falling on your subjects.

4. Diversity of Your Location

Once you’ve found a potential location, see how many various different scenes you can create within that area. Look for interesting architecture, leading lines, patterns, texture, color, and ways to frame your subjects, for instance, all of which can add visual interest and diversity to your images. Sometimes creating variety is as simple as changing your point of view.

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If you’re interested in attending a camera club meeting, the details can be found on the Flourish Academy Camera Club group on Facebook. Click here to join and keep current on upcoming events.

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