Camera Club: Family and Children Portraits

Each month, Heather Lahtinen with Weddings by Heather and the Flourish Academy organizes a camera club meetup for local photographers throughout the Pittsburgh area.

I’m a few weeks late with this blog post, but I promise you these adorable kiddos and gorgeous autumn colors were worth the wait. That’s right, October’s theme was bring-your-kids/family-to-camera-club-night! Again, Heather generously opened her stunning homestead to about 20 local photographers and their families for fall-themed family portraits complete with festive props.

young sisters posed on hay bales for autumn portraits in beaver county

twin sisters pose on a hay bale for autumn portraits in beaver county

From gorgeous little girls to handsome brothers, the cuteness level was off the charts this evening! Our Flourish Academy family has some seriously stylish kids!

baby girl in dress stands holding on to a yellow chair during fall portraits in beaver county

little boy sits in yellow chair in the woods for autumn portraits in beaver county

young boy throwing leaves during fall portrait session in beaver county

stylish toddler girl wearing sunglasses in autumn woods

baby girl reaches for falling fall leaves during a portrait session in beaver county

brother and sister snuggle during fall portraits in beaver county

One of my favorite moments that I caught was this one between this beautiful little girl and Heather’s parents’ beagle Trooper. Trooper typically tags along during camera club, but I think he was enjoying this month’s especially with all the extra attention he received!

little girl and beagle share a sweet moment in the woods during fall portraits in beaver county

Of course, I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of the rest of Heather’s pets, which include Fluffy the cat and a collection of chickens.

beagle dog looks far off into an autumn forest during camera club

orange and white cat rests on a rock during camera club

chicken resting on a fence post during a fall evening at camera club

If you’re looking to add a burst of fall color to your photos, it’s worth mentioning the amazing Autumn Splendor presets available through the Flourish Academy. Heather created a beautiful collection of Lightroom brushes and presets that will transform your images with one click–literally, one click! Not convinced? Go ahead and play with the slider to see the before (straight out of camera) and after using the Autumn 02 preset.

If you’re interested in attending a camera club meeting, the details can be found on the Flourish Academy Camera Club group on Facebook. Click here to join and keep current on upcoming events.

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