Pack Leashes Launches Brand Ambassador Partnership

In late-June, Pack Leashes launched its brand ambassador partnership with Bark & Gold Photography for its made-in-the-USA dynamic rope and carabiner dog leashes. Hunter can now officially add model to his growing list of roles, which already includes Bark & Gold client liaison. (No wonder he’s deemed himself the top dog around here!)

As one of the newest Pack Leashes brand ambassadors, Hunter received a 4′-long python leash with large black climbing-grade screw carabiner. I love this design because the black and gold rope totally fits our Bark & Gold brand. Hunter’s loving it because it means more walkies!

siberian retriever posing with python pack leashes

siberian retriever dog poses with pack leashes python leash

If you haven’t heard of Pack Leashes, be sure to check out its website and follow @packleashes on Instagram. (You’re sure to see a certain someone’s furry face there soon.) While we’ve only had our leash for a few days, I’m already impressed with its durable construction, strength tested with a pull-force gauge, and its lifetime warranty. And let me tell you–with 63-pounds of Hunter pulling on one end, durability is a non-negotiable.

python pack leashes dog leash

The really great thing is that, in an effort to give back to the community, Pack Leashes donates two pounds of dog food to various humane societies and no-kill shelters throughout the United States with every product purchase; however, if you use the special code at the bottom of this post, not only will you save 15% on your order, you’ll help Pack Leashes donate two additional pounds of dog food. That’s four pounds that will go to help dogs in need!

Enjoy 15% off your favorite Pack Leashes products while supporting no-kill shelters and humane societies across the country by entering code JoinThePack at checkout.

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