Pet Photography Project 52, Week 1: Blank Slate

Happy New Year! Mom doesn’t know that I’m pawing away at her keyboard–I mean, she will once she sees all the hair stuck to it–but  since it’s the start of a new year, I thought I’d assume the first blog post of 2018 to introduce myself. If we haven’t met before, I’m Hunter, the top dog around here. Mom also refers to me as her Frisbee-catching, super-shedding best friend and her heart dog…as well as by a barrage of embarrassing nicknames. (Hunterpotamoose?! C’mon, lady! Seriously, where’s the eye-roll emoji when you need it?)

Despite what Mom may tell you, my life isn’t all bully sticks and bed-hogging. You know those inquiry responses? Yeah, she’ll never admit it, but I’m the one responsible for making sure those reach your inbox. Attention-getting squeak toy tester? Right here, baby! And don’t even get me started on being her subject for countless test shots. OK, I guess there’s an upside to that: lots of walkies in awesome locations!

Mom mentioned something about needing a new headshot of me. She took the one on the left earlier this evening and told me what a handsome boy I am. Sure, it’s nice, but I think the one beneath it that I snapped when she wasn’t watching, is a truer representation of my inner Hunterpotamooski–I mean, wild child. Which one has your vote?

siberian retiever against gray wall

siberian retiever against gray wall with tongue licking nose

The Pet Photography Project 52 posts are part of a blog circle. To see what the next pawesome pet photographer is sharing for the weekly theme, “Blank Slate,” visit Pixpup Photography, located in the Northern California Bay Area. Continue to click the link at the end of each post in the blog circle until you eventually find your way back here.

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28 thoughts on “Pet Photography Project 52, Week 1: Blank Slate

    1. Happy New Year, Sandra! Hunter is great at taking over lots of automated aspects of client management.

    1. Oh, man–he’s got tons! Hunter Woofenstein, Woof, Hunty, Hunts, Hunter Bear (or HB for short), Grandma’s boy…the list goes on!

  1. Hunter, you did a fabulous job with this week’s post.. Your mom will be super proud of your hard work blogging this week. Hope you get some extra bully sticks for your efforts. Around our house, we don’t call it shedding, we call it glitter spreading. 😉

    1. Thanks, Tracy! He cracks me up!

      My lighting set up was one continuous light with umbrella placed slightly to my left.

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