Pet Photography Project 52, Week 13: Day in the Life

When a “day in the life” was announced as week 13’s theme for the Pet Photography 52 Weeks blog circle, I couldn’t wait! I’d been wanting to dogument a day in Hunter’s world for some time now, but never got around to it. So, without further ado, I give you a day in the life of Hunter.

5:25 a.m.: Wow, sleeping in today, Hunter! It’s usually closer to 4:20 a.m. when my four-legged alarm clock jingles his collar tags or shakes his head so that his floppy ears make enough noise to wake me. Outside we go!

7:15 a.m.: It’s time for the usual morning nap. Sure, it may seem early for a nap, but what do you expect when he’s up before the sun? Every. Single. Day. That routine is made all the more fun when Daylight Saving Time kicks in. I swear this boy can tell the time. He’s up at almost the exact same time every morning.

Siberian retriever sleeping with his head on a pillow

9:45 a.m.: Despite a foggy, rainy morning, Hunter had to go outside. While you think he’d just go out and do his business, he is a happy wanderer. We often think he pretends he has to go outside to the bathroom just so he can come in and get a treat, a bad habit I’ll admit that I started when he was just a wee puppy.

Siberian retriever sitting by the front door waiting to go outside

Once he realized he was getting wet though, it was a sprint back to the house.

3:30 p.m.: I went out to check on our chickens and came back inside with 40 eggs! Of course, the little “eggspector” had to check ’em out. (He gives them two paws up!)

Dog puts paws on kitchen counter to look at eggs

7:30 p.m.: It’s time for evening playtime while I try to wrap up a few freelance writing assignments. Hunter loves to shove his toys on my lap while I work and nudge them so that they squeak as if to say, “Enough computer work, Mom. Let’s play!” (I’m not kidding when I say he thinks he’s the boss around here.)

Siberian retriever pauses while playing with a toy

American novelist Jonathan Safran Foer once posed the question, “Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?” I’m not sure if anyone can ever truly pinpoint exactly why, but I will wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment.

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19 thoughts on “Pet Photography Project 52, Week 13: Day in the Life

  1. Beautiful images. While I know lots of people who have dogs that sleep cozily with them everyday until a respectable hour, I never have owned one. All my dogs have had that internal clock that gets them up at 5:15 every morning.

    1. Right?! He is quite the little cuddler, but the same time every morning, he’s jumping off our bed and jingling his tags as if to say, “Hey, Mom–wake up! I have to go out!”

    1. Yes, it’s like going through customs every time I bring in a basket full! He is always so intrigued.

  2. We try to take Truffles “necklace” off at night but just like Hunter her floppy ears wake us up just the same! She’s kinda lazy in the morning which is good since her dad’s one to sleep in but she’s just as happy to get up with me early in the morning as well. Thank you so much for sharing Hunter. I loved his ready to go outside/get a treat face.

    1. Oh, we’ve tried taking his collar off at night too, and I think that’s what motivates him to work harder on flopping those ears about!

    1. He is definitely top dog around here. He even sends out our session inquiry emails and booking confirmations! I think I’ve given him an even bigger head!

    1. Thank you, Linda! It’s so fun to write about him; I think when you enjoy doing it, it comes through in the story.

    1. Oh, the fresh eggs are the best! If you were local, I’d share some with you as we easily have hundreds in our fridge at any time!

  3. Wow – 4:00-5:00 AM? Kota is in a deep sleep … and so am i – haha! Beautiful images and I enjoyed reading about Hunter’s day! Love the image looking down into those gorgeous eyes!

    1. I wish Hunter would sleep like Kota! I think at this point, now almost nine years since we got him, I’m just used to it! Good thing I am an early bird!

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