Pet Photography Project 52, Week 35: Street

The participants of the Facebook Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project group have been pounding the pavement this past week to create their images for week 35’s theme, street. Initially, I was a bit unsure of how I’d approach this theme because we live so rural and there was no way I was playing in the middle our street with Hunter, but then I started browsing stock images of city streets and stumbled across the perfect one on Pixabay. It totally reminded me of a scene straight out of a modern day My Fair Lady,  so I thought it’d be a creative starting point for a composite.

You may remember seeing this image of Finn from one of my calendar contest session posts. In the original one, Finn is sitting on a cobblestone road that led down to the area within the park in which we spent the majority of his session. I noticed right away that the direction and texture of the stone street matched exceptionally well. A little dodging and burning combined with some quick Photoshop work and I was able to transport Finn from the streets of Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park to what appears to be a Czechoslovakian street “květinařství,” or flower shop. (Thanks, Google Translate!) To see the before-and-after, move the slider to the left and right.

And because I get so many inquiries on how I added the slider feature to my before-and-after posts, it’s a free plugin called Twenty20. It’s super simple to install and use! If you’re a WordPress user, I highly recommend checking it out.

The Pet Photography Project 52 posts are part of a blog circle. To see what the next pawesome pet photographer is sharing for the weekly theme, “Street,” start with Kim Hollis with BARKography, serving Charlotte, NC. Continue to click the link at the end of each post in the blog circle and you’ll eventually find your way back here.

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    1. Thank you! That was my hope. I played around for what seemed like forever to try to get the colors, light, and shadows to match as accurately as possible.

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