How I Do It

“…my dog could never be off-leash for a session!”

“…my dog would never sit still for photos!”

“…my dog has black fur and doesn’t photograph well.”

“my dog is too [crazy, hyper, reactive, shy, naughty, etc.]!”


I’ll let you in on a little secret: almost every dog I photograph is leashed, whether to keep your pup safe or because the location we’re shooting in requires it. The reason you don’t see many leashes in my final client images is that I remove them during post-processing with a little magic (or Photoshop), but that can be our little secret.

If your dog is like the 90% I work with, chances are he won’t hold still anyway–and that’s totally OK! I’ll capture his spunk and energy; they’re likely among the very qualities you love about him. I thrive for these unscripted, magical, entertaining, and sometimes chaotic moments! While it’s totally normal to feel mortified by your pup’s antics, please don’t be. I encourage you to let your dog be his “doggiest” and to embrace the embarrassing, cherish the crazy, and hold dear the hyper; it’s what makes your dog, your dog and will leave you with images that say, “That is so [your dog]!”

Now, have some fun and move the slider from left to right to do your own post-processing and see some fun before-and-afters!

no need to venture off-leash!

black dogs photograph beautifully!

We’ll work with your dog’s [hyper, shy, crazy, etc.] personality!