Before & After: Hunter’s Creekside Leash Removal

As I was editing Hunter’s photos from last Sunday morning at Brady’s Run County Park, I thought it would be fun to share a quick before-and-after. You’ll notice in this particular image that I address a very common concern for many owners: the leash. That’s right, despite Hunter’s (fairly consistent) obedience, he needs to remain leashed when we’re in unfamiliar or very populated places because–let’s face it–if he catches the slightest glimpse of another dog, he’ll bolt. Seriously, say the word “puppy” and he’s like, “Puppy?! Where?!” That’s what I mean when I tell people Hunter is too smart for his own good.

Leashes can be easily removed from your own dog’s photos as well, if you wish not to see them in your final images. If that is the case, I can provide specific suggestions on how to minimize the appearance of a leash as I’m shooting, which will help me remove it more easily during post-processing. The necessity of a leash, whether due to the law at the location we’re shooting at or for your pet’s safety, should never be a reason not to book your four-legged friend’s session.

That said, I bring you Hunter’s before-and-after.

Siberian retriever on rocks near a stream in Brady's Run Park in Beaver County

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