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Surely you’ve heard the saying, “Love is a four-legged word.” Cersei, the four-year-old rottweiler whom I photographed during an at-home session, is proof of that. Just ask her mom Mindy.

Mindy, a self-proclaimed cat-person, did not grow up with dogs and therefore wasn’t really a fan of them. That is, until her husband Jesse convinced her that his dog needed a friend.

rottweiler holding tennis ball

“I gave him four requirements that the new dog had to meet: cute ears, which to me at the time were floppy ears;  calm temperament; the dog had to be as cute as an adult as it was as a puppy; and protection.”

When Jesse presented her with the idea of bringing home a rottweiler, she did her research and discovered that the breed met all of her requirements. The couple picked Cersei up at just six-weeks-old and a petite six pounds. She came home riding on Mindy’s lap and napped at her feet that evening.

Mindy recalls that her sweet girl hasn’t left her side since.”[Cersei] has taught me so much about just being in the moment. If I am sitting outside with our three dogs, she will lay down right beside me, while the other two run around and we just enjoy each other’s company. About 95% of the time, when I look down at her, she is already staring up at me with love and adoration. I could not ask for a better companion.”

rottweiler smiling during a backyard pet session

“She is my best friend. My boo-bear. She is the reason I am now a dog lover. I never knew the love you could feel for a dog nor the love you could feel coming from [a] dog.”

rottweiler gazing off among wheat grass

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