Fine Art Pawtrait Sessions

Fine Art Pawtrait Sessions provide a quick introduction to the complete Bark & Gold Photography experience. Together we will create roughly 10-15 images for you to choose from, ultimately to create one large statement-making wall piece for your home; however, you can also choose from a diverse product menu including digital collections, fine art albums, folio boxes, and boutique add-ons exclusive to these sessions.

Offered just one or two times a year, these 20-minute sessions are held at pre-determined locations on specific dates and are a Pittsburgh pet parent favorite that sell out quickly! Just like a standard session, your non-refundable session retainer is converted entirely to product credit at your reveal and ordering appointment.


No Upcoming Session Dates


No Fine Art Pawtrait Sessions are scheduled at this time. To be the first to know of upcoming dates and early access, join the VIP list.



About Silhouette Sunset Sessions

“To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.”

Those are the words of Milan Kundera and the inspiration behind my Silhouette Sunset Sessions. Tranquil, connected, colorful, simply paradise. During this vibrant, dreamy, and intimate experience in pet portraits, we will create entirely blackened silhouettes of your pet (and you're welcome to join in too if you wish). This is your dog like you've never seen before, captured against the fiercest, most magical skies, in his purest, most joyful self.

sunset silhouette of woman petting dog's chin

What Pittsburgh Pet Parents Are Saying About These Sessions

Italian greyhound jumping for a ball during a Silhouette Sunset Session
Truly Fine Art

"When I saw Jessica’s Silhouette Sunset Sessions, I had never seen anything like that before and knew I wanted to capture my Italian Greyhounds, Isaac and Noah, this way. We captured so many stunning photos that I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted for a wall canvas. I ended up wanting so many of the photos that I decided I needed all of them in a gorgeous, linen-bound album. They are so striking and truly fine art!" 

Isaac & Noah's Mom Angie

Click here to see their session.

woman embracing dog against a silhouette sky
Stunning Portraits

"Jes has a way with animals. She managed to capture my dog and my interactions with him exactly as I imagine them. She creates stunning portraits, wall art, and photo albums that make me smile and that I'll cherish forever. My heart soars when I look at the images and how she captured my crazy dog's personality. I can't thank her enough for giving me these memories and images."

Eli's mom Gretchen

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three dog silhouettes against an orange sunset sky
The Whole Package

"Jessica is an amazing photographer & we loved each session we had with her. I would recommend her to anyone because she is the whole package; kind, talented, patient, and so responsive! All correspondence with her was so quickly answered and addressed. Thank you for capturing all our beautiful memories for us to enjoy years to come!"

Ahimsa, Ana June, and Samson's mom Natalie

heirloom bamboo box with floating image lid
framed acrylic wall art above a white sofa
fine art album side view of corner

The Products

Whether you choose a large wall art piece to fill an empty space above your fireplace, a stunning fine art album filled with all of your session images, or a luxurious heirloom folio box, I'm there every step of the way to deliver a personalized experience you won't forget, natural and expressive images you'll love, and five-star artwork to last generations…without the fear of losing your memories forever to technology gone wrong.

As a Certified Printmaker, I highly value the service I provide to you every step of the way, from your initial inquiry to the delivery of your archival-quality artwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dog cannot be off a leash?

Most people don’t believe their dog will ever behave well enough, long enough, or at all for me to get good photos, and even more tell me it's also because their dog cannot go off-leash. Sound familiar? These are totally normal and common client concerns. The great thing is that neither is a requirement for your Fine Art Pawtrait Session!


I take a no-pressure, relaxed approach to our time together, which means there is absolutely no need for your pup to be an obedience school superstar or be leash-free to have a successful session. In fact, I'd estimate that close to 80% of all dogs I photograph are leashed (not that you'd ever know thanks to a little post-processing magic).

My dog is reactive, shy, or takes some time to warm up in new situations. Are these sessions a good fit?

While I have experience and patience working with a variety of behaviors and temperaments, from rambunctious to reactive, keep in mind that these sessions, which are held at locations where you may encounter other people and off-leash dogs, are shorter and tend to be faster-paced. 


The safety and comfort of your dog are always my number-one priorities, but you ultimately know your dog best. If you do not feel he will be comfortable and confident in this type of situation, I encourage you to book a standard session where we can work at his pace in a less busy location. If you have questions or hesitations, please reach out directly so I can guide you to the best session type for your furry friend. Remember, you are your dog's best advocate.

What if there's no sunset that day?

A little secret: none of the Silhouette Sunset Sessions I've photographed were held on evenings when we had a true sunset because, you know...Pittsburgh. That's where the magic of post-processing comes in, which allows me to create a beautiful, natural sunset regardless of the conditions we're presented with. In the event of rain or inclement weather, your session will be postponed to the scheduled rain date.

What options do I have for displaying my images?

The options you have to enjoy your images after your session are limitless, but since Fine Art Pawtrait Sessions are designed to quickly help you create a beautiful statement piece, signature wall art is the "main event."


In addition to signature wall art, most clients invest in other archival-quality products as well, including custom fine art albums, beautiful heirloom folio boxes, exclusive digital collections, and boutique add-ons. 

Do I have to be in the photos?

Of course not...but I encourage you to jump in for at least a few. (I promise you won't regret it!) Remember that since these are entirely blackened silhouettes, we won't see any details in your final images, so there's no need to come back with the excuse that you're not photogenic. I'll guide you using natural prompts and simple interactions with your furry friend so you'll feel anything but stiff or awkward. 

How much should I plan to spend on products?

My job is to create photos so beautiful, you'll want them all, which often happens! Most clients invest in a combination of signature wall art, fine art albums, heirloom folio boxes, and boutique add-ons. With that in mind, you should plan to spend a minimum of $300 following your session; however, the total amount spent from client to client varies greatly. What you choose to order is completely up to you because you're only purchasing what you absolutely love and you will make that decision at your reveal and ordering appointment.

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To learn more about Bark & Gold Photography or if a Fine Art Pawtrait Session is a good fit for you, contact me at or call 724-913-BARK (2275).