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It’s very important to me that my clients–both two- and four-legged–are comfortable during their session, especially if they’ve had a less-than-desirable experience with another photographer previously, as was the case with Scout & Rocky.

When their mom Amanda reached out to me to book a session, she explained that Scout had a particularly stressful encounter the last time she and her husband, Brian, took the two of them to a professional photographer. Scout’s anxiety issues caused her to get pretty upset at the studio.

“Scout can be quite nervous around new people, especially men.  She does get nervous around equipment, particularly if you move it,” elaborates Amanda, whose hope was that a backyard session where the dogs would be most comfortable may be a better fit this time around.

The couple rescued both from rescue groups that they found on Petfinder. Amanda described two-year-old Scout as high energy, adding that she  “will run, run, run, but she will also sit nicely if we get her some exercise.” Rocky, on the other hand, spends most of his time snoozing. “[At seven-years-old, he] is much lower in energy, but he does run and play with Scout.”

adorable rescue mutts during their backyard session in Ross Township

Among the images Amanda desired was a portrait of the four of them, a portrait of Scout & Rocky together, and some candids of the two running/playing together.

black and tan dog running in their backyard in Ross Township

These two gave me quite a few fun options to choose from as they rolled on their backs in the cool grass and wrestled in what the couple playfully refers to as an “adora-battle.”

rescued mutts wrestling and rolling in the grass

And this baby–wow! This is the one that they’ll soon have displayed as a 16×24 artisan wood piece! Look at those smiles!

small dogs on vine-covered stairs during a backyard session in Ross Township

Thank you, Amanda and Brian, for allowing me to provide Scout and Rocky with a relaxed and positive experience! I cannot wait to deliver your wall art and albums to you.

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2 thoughts on “Scout & Rocky’s Backyard Session – Pittsburgh Dog Photography

  1. Amanda says:

    I just spent much of my work day looking and re-looking at this blog (and sharing with coworkers), so I think my entire office’s productivity may have taken a dive. It was worth it. Thanks, so much, Jessica, for taking such great photos of my babies!

    • Bark & Gold Photography says:

      Amanda, thank you! I almost feel guilty about your office’s drop in productivity for the day, but I’d say those adorable smiles are worth it!

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