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While you've got your calendar in front of you, let's get your ordering appointment scheduled as well.

When choosing your time, please allow a minimum of two weeks between your session date and your ordering appointment.

About Your Appointment

Photographs are our most precious visual possessions and I appreciate that you will want to make the right choices at your ordering appointment. These photographs will, after all, be in your home for many years to come. Your appointment will start with a slideshow featuring all your images. Together, we will go through and select your very favorites before deciding on how you'd like to display them throughout your home. I will have product samples with me so you can see and touch the quality of each.
At this time, you will also place your order. All orders must be placed during the ordering appointment and payment is required at this time. I am unable to provide images for you to take home to consider. Unordered images are not permanently retained. One ordering appointment is allocated per client and this is your only buying opportunity. For that reason, please ensure all financial decision-makers attend this appointment.
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Scheduling Your Appointment

Please schedule your ordering appointment for two to four weeks after your session date.

I recommend allowing roughly 45-60 minutes to make your image and product selections from the best of the best of your session. Per our agreement, all financial decision-makers be present at this time to ensure we are all on the same page, so be sure to schedule a time when everyone can join in. Appointments in which all financial decision-makers cannot attend must be rescheduled.

The Products

I will have product samples with me so you can see and touch the quality of each. We'll talk about signature collections, wall art, fine art albums, and heirloom folio boxes, and wrap it up with any boutique add-ons.

If you're considering wall art, you'll also be able to see how each image will look right on your walls before you choose anything using a program that allows me to virtually show you a variety of wall art sizes and layouts in your home! (If you haven't sent me your wall photos of the rooms in which you're considering wall art, now would be a great time so I can have everything ready to roll for you when we meet.)

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The Pricing

While you may already have an idea of how you want to display your images, you can turn to your product and design guide to get your wheels turning and for detailed pricing. 

It is essential to review this information with all financial decision-makers prior to scheduling your ordering appointment. Please reschedule if you will not have sufficient time to do so.

Often clients find themselves wanting to purchase way more than they initially thought, so it's important that everyone be on the same page. 

Cancellation Information

Should you need to change your ordering appointment, please notify me 24 hours prior to your appointment. I can reschedule on one occasion only with no additional fee.

Cancellations or rescheduling requests for ordering appointments made less than 24 hours from the appointment will require a $195 fee to reschedule.

Reschedules made more than 24 hours from the appointment date will be honored for a mutually agreed upon reschedule date at no cost on one occasion per appointment.

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Book Your Ordering Appointment

Ordering appointments should be scheduled for two to four weeks following your session date.

All ordering appointments are held at my private portrait suite, located at 7900 Steubenville Pike, suite 24 in Imperial, PA 15126.

⚠️ Be aware that my portrait suite is NOT pet-friendly. Please refrain from bringing any furry companions along. ⚠️