It's time to Level Up, Pup!

Running a profitable, sustainable, and goal-smashing business should be fun! I help photographers get out of their own way, refine their pricing and processes, and up-level their photography business on their terms through support, strategies, and systems.

Do You Find Yourself...

Inundated with the many components of running a business?

Do you know you need better processes, but the thought of adding more to your to-do list or learning a new system feels overwhelming? 

Struggling with products and pricing?

Are your prices based on feelings or facts? Are you offering products you love or are you blindly mirroring what you see others offering? 

Longing to provide an incredible client experience?

Are you ready to enhance the value of working with you? Do you wonder what exactly that means to your clients?

My straightforward, structured, and seamless approach will allow you to:

Uncover the individual processes and systems that work for you as we dive into the backend of your business.

Discover your worth and align your prices to build a business that supports your goals, values, and lifestyle.

Eliminate the uncertainty surrounding pricing thanks to a proven system of establishing profitability.

Push through money blocks and limiting beliefs to help you book more of your dream clients.

Find the entrepreneurial flexibility and freedom that you desire using automation, integrations, and workflows tailored to your goals.

Finish our time together feeling encouraged and confident.

Hi, I'm Jessica!

I'm an enneagram 3w2 and a lover of automation, efficiency, and...macarons! 

As a six-figure photographer, I help other photographers refine their pricing and processes so they can master the client experience and cultivate a profitable and successful photography business on their own terms.

As an instructor and coach within the Flourish Academy's Elevate Program, my specific coaching focus is concentrated on in-person sales (IPS), pricing, products, mindset, client management, client experience, automation, and Dubsado as a Certified Dubsado Specialist.

I am also among the expert panel of pet photographers and a recommended coach with The Pet Photographers Club and a guest instructor and Academy Ambassador for the Hair of The Dog Academy.

Pittsburgh pet photographer Jessica Wasik

But You Can Call Me...

I've been called an IPS Jedi master, the pet calendar contest queen, a pricing guru...and a fur-covered magic-maker, but you'll also know me as:

  • Your accountability ally.
  • Your partner in profitability.
  • An open book on systems and strategies.
  • Your GPS navigation on the path to bold action.
  • Your biggest cheerleader—because your success is my success!

My purpose is to not only inspire you to up-level your business but to provide you with the support, strategies, and systems to do so easily. Whether we're getting you out of your own head with pricing, implementing or improving workflow, or crafting a one-of-a-kind client experience, I am here for you. (You don't even need to lint-roll the dog hair off your clothes.)

Ready to Get Down to Business?

Private one-on-one mentoring sessions are designed to address your specific questions and individual needs. From pricing profitably to mastering the client experience, we'll focus on what you need most and the areas you want to grow to plan out an in-depth, customized roadmap to cultivating a profitable photography business. Specifically, I excel in helping photographers with:

Automation tools
Dubsado CRM
Organization strategies (Trello, Todoist, Calendly, Zapier, etc.)
Choosing products
In-person sales (IPS)
Pet calendar contest fundrasiers
Client workflow
LR & PS editing for pet photography
Product and session pricing
Crafting the client experience
Money mindset
Tips for photographing pets (models provided!)

Imagine how it would feel to...

  • Sell more of what you—‍and your clients—‍love!
  • Leave behind second-guessing your prices and profit.
  • Eliminate the worry of missing a step in your workflow.
  • Be excited about your business.
  • Save years of stress and experimenting.
  • Have more clarity and confidence.
  • Get comfortable with your numbers and making money.
  • Work smarter, not harder (and still get big results)!
  • Navigate client challenges and sticky sales situations with ease, empathy, and conviction.
  • Trust that each step you take aligns with your individual goals and values.
  • Create a rave-worthy experience that generates repeat clients again and again!

It's possible. And I'll give you the tools, strategies, and encouragement to make it happen!

Here's What My Fellow Photographers Have to Say

Melissa Taylor of Simply You Photography

Melissa Taylor of Simply You Photography

"I was nervous thinking I would be out of my league with her considering where I am within my business journey. Her radiant smile and pleasant voice immediately put me at ease. With her efficiency, we were able to go over several areas. I came away from our session feeling more confident and encouraged to keep on pursuing my photography dream."

Angela Gross of Photography 144

Angela Gross of Photography 144

"I had a recent opportunity to work with Jes on the business end of structuring my collections and finances. Her easygoing manner immediately puts you at ease and her matter-of-fact reasoning helps to clear any confusion in the process. I believe Jessica to be such a wonderful mentor because she has such a well-run business and knows her clients and her products forward and backward. [I] highly recommend a mentorship under her!"

Kim Kracun of FotoFixation Photography

Kim Kracun of Fotofixation Photography

"Jessica is extremely knowledgeable, not only with pet photography but with the back end of running a successful and profitable photography business. She offers firm and straightforward advice on how to raise your prices and know your worth. If you're looking for a mentor to help you with any aspect of running a successful photography business, Jes has the answers!”

As Your Mentor, I Believe In...

  • What van Gogh said: "What is done in love is done well."
  • Lighting that fire within you, not under you.
  • Your ability to make impactful changes to your business and life!
  • Making money and building a business in ways that are light and fun.
  • In you! You have everything you need to achieve the life you want.
  • Helping others get ahead because we always stand taller with someone else on our shoulders.

Investment Options

Are you ready to build a profitable and thriving photography business, one that aligns with your personal and business values? Do you want someone on your side who will help you take action toward achieving the goals you've set to support the lifestyle you've only ever imagined? Let's connect and plan out your customized roadmap to success, clarity, freedom, confidence, and peace of mind.

One Payment Payment Plan

2 Call Commitment

  • Two 2-hour calls via Zoom
  • Action-focused accountability
Most Popular

6 Call Commitment

  • Six 2-hour calls via Zoom
  • Action-focused accountability
  • Email access to Jessica

10 Call Commitment

  • Ten 2-hour calls via Zoom
  • Action-focused accountability
  • Email access to Jessica
  • Voxer access to Jessica

Pay in full for the best value or opt for a convenient payment plan.

Are You Ready for Similar Results?

Michael Holl of Holl Photography

Michael Holl of Holl Photography

“Jes has been a blessing to me and so many photographers. Her understanding and knowledge have been a great resource for me and my photography business! I've had one of the most profitable months ever and it is mostly because of advice she had given me almost seven months ago. Thank you for living 'community over competition!'”

Dan Quigley of Quigley Photography

Dan Quigley of Quigley Photography

"Jessica is an amazing photographer, but more than that she is the most organized person I have ever met. You will have a seamless process working with Jessica and she is so kind and willing to share her time and efforts when you need her. Jes mentored me on a bunch of business coaching issues revolving around processes, workflow, and pricing and I came away as a better businessman for it. She is fantastic. I highly recommend working with Jessica if you have the opportunity. Thanks so much again, Jes!"

Jess Waychoff of BellaReese Photography

Jess Waychoff of BellaReese Photography

"There are no words for how helpful Jes is. If you're a photographer and struggling with your pricing, you need to have a mentoring session with her! Your future self will love you so much! The difference that having clarity makes in your day-to-day with your business is priceless! Now I feel like I can conquer the world!"

Will This Work For Me?

This mentoring commitment is not for everyone. Those who possess the following qualities and characteristics will find the biggest success when working with me:

Motivated and ready to take responsibility for elevating their business to the next level

Committed to investing time toward their growth, both professionally and personally

Coachable and engaged with an openness and eagerness to learn

Action-oriented and goal-focused

Operate with integrity, positivity, honesty, enthusiasm, dependability, and self-discipline

Still unsure if this is for you?

Let's schedule a quick 15-minute phone call to determine whether or not you are a good fit for one-on-one mentoring.

Not ready for one-on-one mentoring quite yet?

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More Questions? Let's Connect.

If you're considering mentoring with me, don't be shy! You're welcome to reach out to me directly with any questions as to how I can help you or the challenges you're working through. You may also schedule a 15-minute no-obligation call at your convenience using the button below.