Celebrating the joy and love
between Pittsburgh pets and their people
a framed and matted print of a corgi puppy in a field of wildflowers
Timeless pet portraits and luxury artwork to fill your home and your heart
framed canvas of a chocolate Labrador above a gold couch
Any dog can do a session! And leashes? All the cool dogs are wearing them.
Cairn Terriers by the CMU Columns in Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood
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Custom Pet Portraits for Pittsburgh Dogs & Their People

gray and white pit bull in purple flowers at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh

Bark & Gold Photography celebrates the joy and love between Pittsburgh pets and their people through wall art, fine art albums, and other heirloom products.

Is your phone’s camera roll filled with blurry furry faces of your pup as she wiggles away?

Does the number of “hide sites” and camouflage techniques your cat knows as soon as you pull out your camera rival that of a military sniper?

Does your dog suffer from #photographersdogsyndrome? (You know, that pouty, stink-eyed expression you get right as you press the shutter button.)

Have you ever taken the perfect photo only to lose it to outdated technology or a stomach-turning hard drive crash?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are not alone—but you are in the right place!

deckled edge framed print from Pittsburgh dog photography session at South Park

This is Your Story Told Your Way.

Whether you choose a painterly bespoke canvas masterpiece to fill an empty space above your fireplace, a stunning fine art album filled with all of your session images, or a luxurious heirloom folio box, I'm there every step of the way to deliver a personalized experience you won't forget, natural and expressive images you'll love, and five-star artwork to last generations without the fear of losing your memories to technology gone wrong.

This is your story told your way, and I can't wait to capture it for you.

No Sit, Stay, or Struggle Required!

Despite how it may feel when you try to photograph them on your own, chaos and challenges are not a requirement for capturing natural, expressive images of your furry family members. (Neither is a solid sit or stay, but that can be our little secret.)

When you book your pet's photography session, we say goodbye to struggles and frustrations and hello to beautifully composed, personality-filled portraits for your home. It's your dog as you know and love him.

tan and white puppy sitting on a fallen tree at Brady's Run Park in Beaver County
small brown dog sitting in a woman's lap

Because He's Never "Just A" Dog.

He's your confidant and constant. The one who accepts you unconditionally. Your protector and safe space. The only one you'd sacrifice four feet of your bed for just so he can continue to sleep comfortably.

I relate because my Hunter is the same to me.

"Just a" dog people aren't my people, but you are. Welcome home. (I know you won't mind the dog hair on the furniture.)

Hi, I'm Jessica

"I'm a southern-born and Pittsburgh-bred black and gold girl at heart who makes no apologies for the amount of dog hair I may be covered in or the silly sounds that come out of my mouth when I'm behind my camera. I love sunflowers, gluten free macarons, all things sparkly, and eye-roll-worthy puns. (Seriously, the cornier the better, so go ahead and drop your best "dad joke.") I believe there's nothing in life that a slobbery kiss can't fix, that our perfect companions are those whose heartbeats thump at our feet, and that no outfit is complete without the muddy paw print signature of a happy-go-lucky dog jumping with joy upon making a new friend. I've built this business on the belief that 'what is done in love is done well.' I love what I do—and I want you to, too!"

Pittsburgh dog photographer Jessica Wasik

Jessica Wasik

Awards & Certifications

Bark & Gold Photography is Pittsburgh's premier, award-winning photographer with memberships and certifications from the following.

Happy Tails

"You were so kind to Archie and us throughout the whole process! You were truly able to capture Archie's loveable and happy personality in all of the photos! I really enjoyed how relaxed and stress-free everything was. You knew just how to position Archie and the whole process was seamless and fun. It was such a unique and meaningful experience."

Archie's mom Quinn

"Jessica is so incredibly talented. I have two dogs that are quite crazy. Jessica was so calm the whole time and worked her magic! Her calmness made me feel reassured. At our reveal, I could not believe how beautiful the pictures turned out! I lowkey cried when she left our house because I could not believe how gorgeous they were. If you are on the fence about booking a session, DO IT!"

Izzy & Moose's mom Ashley

"We are very pleased with our photo session and finished product. I had concerns initially about my dog's mobility issues and shorter patience, but Jes was amazing with her and really helped her attention and focus. I can not speak highly enough of the entire process. Thank you!"

Mabel's mom Becky