The Experience

woman kissing pit bull on the head

Have you heard the saying, “If you don’t think pictures are important, wait until they are all you have left,”? Anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet knows these photos and moments are truly priceless.

The Bark & Gold Photography experience is built on the belief that "what is done in love is done well." I love what I do--and I want you to, too!

Together, we'll transform the ordinary into the extraordinary to deliver timeless portraits and classic products, each meticulously sourced from the industry's best of the best. From internationally handcrafted artisan touches to heirloom-quality that promises the excellent standards you expect, your pet deserves to be celebrated with products and images that highlight his heart and personality with an eye for detail and a brilliance in craftsmanship.

So, How Does This All Work?

This is about more than just stunning artwork for your home; it's preserving the beautiful memories of the love, joy, and devotion your four-legged friend gave you to treasure long after he has crossed the rainbow bridge. Booking a session is just one way to honor your beloved companion, whether that be an on-location Standard Session, a series of seasonal Puppy Love Sessions where you can watch your pup grow, or a Rainbow Session designed specifically for aged or ailing pets.


I'm always excited to speak with pet parents for the first time! I'll give you a quick call so we can get to know each other, cover our expectations for your session, talk possible session locations and availability, answer any questions or concerns you may have, and discuss what type of products you'd love to see fill your home.

Session Day

It's your pup's big day! We'll meet for a day of fun and play at your chosen session location and bring your pre-session ideas to life. Maybe today your dog is on his best behavior; maybe he'll change his mind and decide to run the show. Either way is perfectly OK! I guarantee I will have a diverse and extensive collection of images for you to choose from at your reveal and ordering appointment.

Reveal and Ordering Appointment

A few weeks after your session, we'll meet again for you to view your images for the first time. We'll narrow down your favorites and finalize how you wish to feature them in your home. You'll also place your order at this time, while enjoying a special treat, of course!

Delivery Day

Woohoo, the moment you've been waiting for since we first spoke: the day you receive your stunning, archival-quality custom artwork! There's no better way to show your pup how much you appreciate him than with beautiful art, hand-delivered by me, ready to display in your home and enjoy for generations to come. (Also included: endless smiles each time you pass by your pet's gorgeous portraits!)


I'd love a session, but my dog...

"Crazy" dogs, shy dogs, can't-be-off-a-leash dogs.

I have a confession to make: I love it when potential clients are on the fence about investing in professional pet photography. Trust me when I tell you your concerns are totally normal and very common.

Most people don’t believe their dog will ever behave well enough, long enough, or at all for me to get good photos, and even more tell me it's also because their dog cannot go off-leash. Sound familiar? The great thing is that neither is a requirement for your session!

Drawing on my experience and patience to work with a variety of behaviors and temperaments, from rambunctious to reactive, I take a no-pressure, relaxed approach to our time together, which means there is absolutely no need for your pup to be an obedience school superstar or be leash-free to have a successful session. In fact, I'd estimate that close to 80% of all dogs I photograph are leashed (not that you'd ever know thanks to a little post-processing magic). Check out this before-and-after of Rocky.

More questions? You're not alone! Get the answers to my most frequently asked questions.

before and after of leash removal
brown dog at a stream in Mingo Creek Park

"I was worried that my dogs would not sit still and that would result in not-so-great photo options. Jessica did a great job of capturing my girls in their element, running, swimming, and loving the outdoors! Jessica was very easy to work with and the dogs loved her!"

Coco & Olive's mom Courtney

golden retriever puppy running in a field

"We are so very happy with how well our pictures turned out! Jessica was so kind and patient with Hank who was shot out of a cannon that evening and could barely sit still! With all the crazies, she was able to capture gorgeous pictures of Hank being his goofy self. I was very grateful for the prompt and organized communication and scheduling. Her organization is quite inspiring and made me feel like I could trust her to deliver an excellent product within the schedule you defined. She did not disappoint!" 

Hank's mom Melinda

senior black lab during a fall session

"Words cannot express how much I love these pics of my boys. Thank you for capturing these beautiful shots and giving us these memorable keepsakes. I am obsessed!" 

Jager & Otto's mom Caitlin

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To schedule your session or learn more about Bark & Gold Photography, contact me at or call 724-913-BARK (2275).