Tails of the Steel City

Tails of the Steel City bookmark on a black desk with a computer and cup of coffee


Tails of the Steel City is a collective commemoration of our most cherished canine companions. Its pages celebrate the dogs of Pittsburgh at beautiful locations around the region through expressive, natural, and joyful portraits. This book is for those who recognize that a dog encompasses a world beyond the ordinary. It’s for those whose lives have been enriched and transformed by the profound love and connection they’ve shared with a dog, recognizing that these loyal creatures have the power to create positive and lasting changes in our world.

As a part of the Tails of the World collective, Bark & Gold Photography's Jessica Wasik photographed 20 dogs for this collector's edition coffee table fundraiser book, her first project of this kind, with 100% of book sales benefiting Bridge to Home Animal Rescue. Collectively, this project raised $5,755 for the rescue!

Pawsitive Reviews

"I have no words to describe the Tails of the Steel City book! Amazing, beautiful, heartfelt...I could go on and on. From the words to the photos to the layout, it's absolute perfection! You did an amazing job, and we love it! That photo of Samson with the butterfly and River with the flower are just perfect. Of course, we are a little biased when it comes to Connor's layout; you captured him perfectly! Thank you so much for choosing Connor to be a part of this!"

Connor's mom Rebecca

"We are extremely honored to be one of the 20 dogs selected for this book project benefiting Bridge to Home Animal Rescue. This experience with Bark & Gold Photography has been nothing short of amazing from start to finish. Jessica's talent is undeniable, but it's the personal touches that make the experience one of a kind. From selecting the perfect location to the personal ordering appointment and the in-person delivery, every detail is carefully thought out and unique."

Norman's mom Sandy

"Christmas approaching and Black Friday deals has meant several packages arriving lately, but none quite as special as [the Tails of the Steel City book]. A special touch [is] the that the bookmark was tucked into River's section of the book...such gorgeous photos of our girl."

River's mom Chelsea