3 Pros & Cons of Purchasing Digital Images

Digital images may seem like the go-to product for clients, especially in a digital world that loves to share memories through email and social media,  but are they really your best option? Occasionally I will meet pet parents who approach their session with the initial impression that they’ll “just buy the digital images.” The belief is often that digital images are the most affordable and convenient way to enjoy your photos. What they’re not considering, however, is the value.

Value is different than price. The Oxford English Dictionary defines value as “the worth of something compared to the price paid or asked for it.” Price, on the other hand is “the amount of money expected, required, or given in payment for something.” Price is literally the monetary amount necessary to purchase a service or product. Value is not defined by a number; rather, it is measured by the degree of usefulness or gratification one receives from a certain commodity or service.

Purchasing digital images alone has its pros and cons, but the decision to do so directly coincides with how you want to preserve your dog’s images. Consider these three pros and cons prior to purchasing digital images to help you make the right product purchase following your session.

1. CONVENiENCE versus Experience

If you’re OK with pre-paying a “shoot-and-burn” photographer a flat fee for him to photograph your dog and burn some images to a CD or USB, we aren’t going to be a great match and I’d encourage you to look elsewhere; do a quick search and you’ll find numerous photographers who will deliver this type of low-touch and quick routine. You won’t have to worry about scheduling any pre-session consultations or in-person reveal and ordering appointments. You also won’t get professional guidance in determining the right products (and appropriate sizes of them) for your home and that’s because, well…I’ve never seen anyone hang a digital image. Have you? Oh, and forget coordinating delivery of your products. It’s all about convenience, remember?

However, if the thought of purchasing all of your images upfront without seeing any of them first (yikes!) makes you a little uneasy, the shoot-and-burn model is certainly not for you! And it’s not for me either.  I love being there every step of the photography experience to listen to your specific desires, to tailor your dog’s session to his needs, and to create custom products for my clients, a favorite being signature wall art pieces! The Bark & Gold Photography experience is just that–an experience. That doesn’t mean that your session or your ordering appointment will be an inconvenience. My goal is always to make the planning and execution of your session go as smoothly as possible, whether that be in the form of electronic contracts, downloadable client guides, a private client portal, a hands-on and highly responsive approach to planning, and the personal delivery of your products.

2. temporary versus archival

When it comes to sharing your images, there’s nothing easier than posting a few of your favoritesalbum block sample to your social media profiles or blasting them to family and friends via email, but keep in mind that technology is constantly evolving. And ask anyone who has ever had the misfortune of a hard drive crash or who has accidentally deleted their digital images and they’ll agree that the only way to truly protect your photos is to print them. I’m shocked at the number of galleries full of beautiful images I deliver that never get downloaded! Why invest in professional pet photography or buy these digital files if you have no intention of displaying them in some form?

To provide my clients with the best of both worlds–custom artwork and shareable files–I offer complimentary matching social media files that correspond with every purchased product image. I want every single one of my pet parents to walk away from their session with a tangible product to display in their home, from boutique add-ons like an album block (shown right) to signature wall art showcasing an image that says “This is worth seeing every day!”


DIY projects can be fun. Who doesn’t enjoy getting creative now and then? I’ve had quite a few clients transform their digital images into some really unique Pinterest-inspired crafts, but not everyone has the luxury of time, the patience, or the skills and follow-through to complete these projects. Unfortunately, DIY demands all three.

Maybe you want to transfer your image to a canvas, but you don’t know where to begin. Perhaps it’s a grouping of eight of your favorite photos that you’d love to hang, but you’re not sure what sizes are appropriate for your potential wall space. That’s where I can help. I’ll tackle the hands-on work, from measurements to framing, and personally delivering these customized products directly to you. I can even show you using your own rooms how particular wall art pieces and groupings will look prior to purchasing anything! It’s something you wouldn’t be able to necessarily envision by simply looking at a gallery of digital images on your computer.

Whether you’re debating digital images or you’re ready to fill your home with stunning signature wall art, I’m ready to walk you through the process! If you would like to book a Bark & Gold Photography session for your pet, click here or give me a call at 724-913-BARK (2275). For more information on Bark & Gold Photography sessions, visit “The Experience” in the menu.

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