5 Reasons to Book a Fine Art Pawtrait Session for Your Pet

You may be wondering, Is a Fine Art Pawtrait Session right for my pet? Why would I want to book one? If you’re uncertain whether these unique sessions are the right choice for you, here are my top five reasons why you may want to consider booking a Fine Art Pawtrait Session for your pet.

…but first: what is a Fine Art Pawtrait Session?

Fine Art Pawtrait Sessions provide a quick introduction to the complete Bark & Gold Photography experience and are offered just two times a year. These 20-minute sessions are held at pre-determined locations on specific dates and are a Pittsburgh pet parent favorite that sell out quickly!  During your session, we create roughly 10-15 images for you to choose from, ultimately to create one large statement-making wall piece for your home; however, most clients also choose to add on other products, such as fine art albums/signature books, folio boxes, high-resolution digital files, and boutique add-ons exclusive to these sessions.

1. It’s convenient and quick.

Because of the shorter session length, usually ranging from 20-30 minutes, Fine Art Pawtrait Sessions are ideal for many dogs. Whether you have a puppy with a short attention span or a senior dog who may not have it in him to do a full 90-minute session, these are just long enough to allow me to capture the best parts of your furry friend without taxing your pet mentally or physically or requiring you to block out a full day in your schedule. Pet parents love the convenience of these sessions!

2. You’ll get quality over quantity.

If the thought of choosing from upwards of 30 images of your pet sounds overwhelming, a Fine Art Pawtrait Session may be the way to go. While a typical Bark & Gold session can yield anywhere from 20-35 images, a shorter session delivers high quality without the high quantity, providing you with only the very best of the best and making it easier for you to choose your absolute favorites.

3. You’ll walk away with beautiful products.

Because my Fine Art Pawtrait Sessions transform your non-refundable session retainer entirely to product credit at your reveal and ordering appointment, getting the beautiful wall art you’ve always dreamed of or a stunning heirloom folio box filled with heart-melting portraits is easier than ever. While these sessions are designed to quickly help you create a beautiful statement piece for your wall, if you find yourself falling in love with a fine art album/signature book, a folio box, an exclusive digital collection, or even a few boutique add-ons, your wish is my command. The options are truly limitless!

products from Fine Art Pawtrait Sessions

4. It’s an unbeatable value.

For professional pet photos, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better value than with Fine Art Pawtrait Sessions. Think big savings off your session retainer coupled with your product credit. (Helloooo, free money!)  And because you only buy what you love, what you choose to spend is entirely up to you. My job is to create images that you love so much that you’ll want them all.

5. It’s pawfect for documenting your pet’s life.

You’ll be surprised by how much your pup will change in his first year! Because Fine Art Pawtrait Sessions are often offered a few times throughout the year, they’re perfect for documenting these subtle changes that seem to fly by. Booking multiple sessions each year is a fun and affordable way to remember your pet’s various stages and physical changes. (Just compare the cost of several full sessions in a year to two or three shorter sessions.) How neat it is to have photos of your puppy growing up or three seasonal shots of your longtime companion.

Fine Art Pawtrait Sessions are offered only twice a year. Spots are limited to five per day so reserve your preferred time early! Keep in mind that a Fine Art Pawtrait Session is not a full session. If you desire an extended session, let’s talk about scheduling a standard session or a series of Puppy Love Sessions at a location of your choosing at a time that works best for your family.

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