Happy Tails

sunset silhouette of woman petting dog's chin

"We are so very happy with how well our pictures turned out! You were so kind and patient with Hank who was shot out of a cannon that evening and could barely sit still! With all the crazies, you were able to capture gorgeous pictures of Hank being his goofy self. I was very grateful for the prompt and organized communication and scheduling. Your organization is quite inspiring and made me feel like I could trust you to deliver an excellent product within the schedule you defined. You did not disappoint!" - Melinda

goldendoodle puppy sitting in a rockbed by a creek at Brady's Run Park in Beaver Falls

"You were so kind to both Archie and us throughout the whole process! You were truly able to capture Archie's loveable and happy personality in all of the photos! I really enjoyed how relaxed and stress-free everything was. You knew just how to position Archie and the whole process was seamless and fun. It was such a unique and meaningful experience." - Quinn

senior English Lab looking up at falling leaves in South Park

"You absolutely captured George! They are all beautiful and please know that this will have a very special place in our home. Thank you for providing us 'George's senior picture.' You have given us  a beautiful keepsake. "- Christy

white golden retriever puppy resting on a bridge at Brady's Run Park in Beaver County

"Jessica did an absolutely amazing job photographing our dog! She not only got great action shots, but she also did a great job posing her! She made the entire process from start to finish so much fun! She’s talented and professional and also very personable! I highly recommend Bark & Gold Photography!"- Cherilyn

three mixed breed dogs sitting on a bench during a backyard session in Pittsburgh

"We really enjoyed the experience from the lovely welcome gift, to the session and picking photos. The communication about scheduling, rescheduling, and all the info provided about preparing for the session was very timely and helpful. We also liked how relaxed the session was for everyone." - Amy & Steve

husky mix puppy poses with owner at the Oliver Miller Homestead in South Park

"[You] got Harley to cooperate in a way I never thought she would! Harley doesn't always like strangers, [and I] wasn't sure if she would behave in a park full of other people and dogs. She was right at home in front of the camera." - Amy

rescued mutts posing on backyard steps during a Pittsburgh pet photography session

"I loved that we got a great whole-family portrait. I also am thrilled about getting some great photos of the dogs together, which can be tough. The dogs really relaxed; you were patient with them and had great suggestions...[like] your idea to do the pictures on the steps, which came out so perfectly."- Amanda

pit bull in purple flowers at Phipps Conservatory

"I really can't say enough how much I enjoyed our session and how laid back it was. You were perfect for kids and dogs! It was a great experience and your photos are perfect with plenty of product options to choose from." - Malarie

black and white English Setter on split rail fence at South Park

"Anytime we have worked with Jessica she is just 100% professional and very talented. The sessions are always fun because you can imagine what your photos will look like, but once you actually see them...OMG, it's amazing!"- Anna & Patrick

husky/retriever mix standing in a creek at Schenley Park

"We had such a great experience with Jessica! Finn is pretty photogenic to begin with, but I was amazed by how well Jessica was able to capture his personality. Even the photos she took in the more shadowy/dreary areas of the location turned out beautiful and vibrant. Ordering additional photos was easy and there were a lot of different packages and pricing options to choose from." - Becky

mixed breed swimming with stick at Brady's Run Park near Pittsburgh

"I was worried that my dogs would not sit still and that would result in not-so-great photo options. Jessica did a great job of capturing my girls in their element, running, swimming, and loving the outdoors! Jessica was very easy to work with and the dogs loved her!" - Courtney

pit bull on Pittsburgh's North Shore during a spring session

"You worked well with Walter and got some really great shots of him. It was obvious that you studied his client sheet before the session because you knew which words and phrases would get his attention. [My biggest concern was] the leash being in the photo. You did a great job at Photoshopping it out though so that wasn't a problem." - Abby


"Jessica made myself and my precious Frankie feel comfortable and at ease with her skills and patience, especially with a hyper miniature schnauzer. Her love for animals truly shines through in the photos that will tell a story of a forever bond between my mini schnauzer and myself. I'd recommend her to everyone who has a pet, not only a dog. She'll capture the moments that will go by in a blink of an eye." - Dana

black German Shepherd posing by a fountain at Phipps Conservatory near Pittsburgh

"Toby's eyes are so beautiful in this [artisan wood]. It's even better in person...almost made me cry when I first saw it." - Joyce

senior black Lab against fall colors

"Words cannot express how much I love these pics of my boys. Thank you for capturing these beautiful shots and giving us these memorable keepsakes." - Caitlin