Q&A: How Do I Choose Images for My Wall Art?

We’re at your big reveal and ordering appointment. We’ve just watched your slideshow and have gone through each individual image from your session, flagging the ones you love, those you like, and the ones you can wait on for now. Now it’s time to get those must-haves up on your wall! Choosing images for your wall art, especially when you have a lot of favorites, can seem overwhelming, but it’s actually anything but! Here are four tips that, when combined with my special software that allows you to see exactly how your images will look on your own walls, will help you choose the best images for your wall art.

1. Look for IMAGES That Complement.

Pulling in photos with colors that complement those of your furniture, [wall] paint, and decor creates a cohesive style throughout your space. It is also one of the simplest ways to narrow down your choices. After all, you are drawn to certain shades and color palettes if they already fill your home, so why not bring together custom wall art to match.

For this reason, it is beneficial to consider your session location early in the booking process. For example, if your taste leans more toward modern, clean lines, a chic downtown view may serve as a better backdrop than a rustic location with rolling acreage, which may better suit a more casual decor. Your session location also shapes the feel of your images; for instance, architectural city elements pair well with black and white decor

2. Group your favorites.

When one signature art piece won’t fill the space or you’re looking to include several favorites, a wall art grouping is the way to go. Creating yours, however, requires its own special considerations. To ensure a beautiful grouping,

  • keep it consistent by selecting images within a certain color palette (black and white, earth tones, pastels, etc.),
  • combine a variety of sizes for balance by anchoring your gallery with one larger piece accented by smaller ones,
  • add visual interest by mixing orientations (landscape versus portrait),
  • choose your frames to suit the images rather than the room to enhance your artwork, and
  • avoid placing together images that are very light or very dark.

dog photography wall art grouping above fireplace in family room

3. Take in the Big Picture.

In addition to being appropriately sized for the wall on which you’ll be hanging them, you need to factor in how your desired images will look from across the room. Wall art should make an impact without overwhelming the space with the dimensions of your artwork as well as the actual image itself. While you may love a particular shot of your pup in which his face fills a 30×40 print, think about how you’ll like having that larger than life portrait staring back at you when you enter that room. Every. Single. Time.

For instance, let’s compare these two canvases by moving the slider to the left and right. When you move the slider to the right, you’ll notice that this big boy seems to dominate the room. Imagine having him peer over you while you’re trying to relax. Now move the slider all the way to the left. A slightly different crop that includes more of the background changes the perspective just enough that the image fills the space without overwhelming it. Remember, while large wall art can look spectacular when placed appropriately, bigger isn’t always better. You must take in the big picture.

wall art example of image cropped tightwall art example of wider cropped image

4. Consider The Emotional Impact and storytelling.

The wonderful thing about custom pet photography is that the images you ultimately choose are uniquely yours! They should evoke an array of emotions within you, whether that be happiness and laughter or nostalgia and tenderness. As we go through each image in during your big reveal and ordering appointment, pay attention to how you feel as you view them. Is there a certain story you’re trying to tell? Perhaps a particular emotion you want to preserve? When you’ve done that, choosing images that fit this narrative or feeling becomes easy and you’re left with meaningful memories to display.


If you would like to book a Bark & Gold Photography session and create beautiful artwork for your pet, click here or give me a call at 724-913-BARK (2275). For more information on Bark & Gold Photography sessions, visit “Your Session” in the menu.

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