Wall Art 101: Maximizing Minimal Wall Space

For those living in a studio apartment or one of Pittsburgh’s historic homes where unusual floor plans weave throughout and empty wall space is at a premium, knowing how to maximize minimal wall space is a must. Here are three simple tips to take even the smallest walls from bland to grand.

1. Pull together several smaller pieces.

A gallery wall highlighting several smaller pieces is a flattering addition to small apartments and rooms. While it may seem counterintuitive, hanging multiple wall art enhances the depth and visual interest of your space and adds an adequately styled feel without eliminating the actual floor space.

When putting together a gallery, I recommend limiting it to one wall to prevent the space from becoming too busy, which in turn makes the entire room feel smaller. For example, despite having a relatively narrow wall space to work with, both of these three framed prints grouped together create a nice-sized display that fills the corner without cluttering it.

narrow wall spaces with multiple signature wall art pieces

2. Fill the space.

While multiple smaller-sized pieces certainly add visual interest, there’s also something eye-catching about filling the space. Choosing one larger piece that fills an entire wall can be unexpectedly impactful within even the narrowest of walls, giving the perception of larger wall space. In fact, the fewer pieces featured on your walls, the more attention they will garner.

large signature wall art to fill wall space

3. Think vertically.

Similarly, as when used in gallery walls, smaller-sized art also works well when hung vertically because it visually lengthens a room by drawing your eye upward. This approach really fits seemingly tight spaces, which many Pittsburgh homes and apartments have. Even in these vertical areas, a 24×36 (left) and a 20×24 (right) fill the wall an appropriate amount.

vertical wall art for vertical wall spaces

Mix vertical and horizontal images for a modern touch and a pop of personality. Just be certain to center them to keep them looking organized and cohesive.

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