A Look Back at 2020

You know that scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas when Linus says, “Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you’re the Charlie Browniest.”? Yeah, I kind of feel that way about 2020: it’s been the 2020iest.

We’ve seen shutdowns, toilet paper shortages–all the negative things, but we also saw some pretty incredible shifts as well. Community coming together, a greater appreciation for the little things we once took for granted, more time at home with our furry friends.

2020 may have been a crap year for many, but around here, it was certainly one of the best. This week, I’m reflecting back upon all the good that 2020 brought, and while I’m sure I overlooked quite a few wins, I think this short video sums it up pretty well.

As we’re just weeks away from a new year (thank goodness!), I’d love to hear what good the 2020iest year of them all brought you. Comment some positive perspective and let’s keep our chins up. 2021 is right around the corner (and I can see it wagging its tail)!

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3 thoughts on “A Look Back at 2020

  1. Yvette Graham says:

    There were some shining moments in 2020. It’s easy to focus on the negative in such a year in change. I want to get into the habit of tracking those wins in the upcoming year so they can carry me through the bumps in life.

    • Bark & Gold Photography says:

      I keep a Trello list broken down quarterly called “Good Things” where I track both business and personal wins throughout the year. It helps to look back on it periodically, especially when you feel like things have slowed. I also review it at the end of the year to help me plan the coming year.

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