Earning my Certified Printmaker Certification

Late last year, I set out on a journey to providing Pittsburgh pet parents with an elevated level of service, which started with taking the first steps to becoming a Certified Printmaker. An extensive list of courses covering everything from client workflow to products served as the roadmap that led me to join a select number of photographers with a process to serve both my clients and my business, an accomplishment I completed just a few weeks ago thanks to The Printmaker System by Swift Galleries.

As The Printmaker System by Swift Galleries co-founder Chris Scott explains, “A Printmaker is a professional photographer who values the service they provide above all else. They don’t consider their job done until you have printed photos to enjoy day after day that can be passed down from generation to generation.”

As one of only a handful of pet photographers in the country with this certification, and as someone who values tangible products and who believes my job is not finished until every client has photos on display, I am proud to continue my education on the best ways to create a truly boutique experience for every client and strive to provide the best practices of workflow, processes, design strategies, and client support.

“Printmakers provide a start-to-finish client experience by lending their eye and expertise to helping you figure out exactly what to do with the photos they create for you,” reinforces Chris on The Printmaker System website. “In an age that values convenience over service, Certified Printmakers buck that trend and, instead, go above and beyond to leave you with lasting reminders of this special time in your life.”

Unlike other certifications, you can’t just pay a fee and get handed the title of Certified Printmaker. Rather, you must have met the following requirements, as outlined within The Printmaker System:

  • Completed extensive training in photography print product types, photography composition for tangible products, no-pressure sales approaches, gallery design procedures, business workflows, and client service
  • Educated on the best approaches of creating a unique boutique experience for every client
  • Verified and vetted with a commitment to adhere to an exacting, proprietary process designed to offer only the best of the best practices in customer care
  • Verified manually and on an ongoing basis to ensure all Certified Printmaker requirements are met or exceeded

So what does this mean for you?

Enhancing each part of your photography experience ensures that, from your initial contact, you’re treated like the VIP you are: very individual person. The training I have received has opened up new ways for me to learn more about you and your furry friend so that I can deliver a session tailored to your needs and desires. Of course, this commitment to quality doesn’t stop there; it carries over into the heirloom products scrupulously chosen from the world’s leading professional labs and international artisans and through your reveal and ordering appointment during which we’ll work together to determine the sizes and options best suited for the images you love. At no point are you left on your own to struggle with decisions or feel uncertain of the next steps.

framed print wall art grouping above a piano

Your pet photography experience is an investment of both time and money and not one that should be taken lightly. My clients appreciate quality, not only in the images we create but in the overall experience and the stunning heirloom artwork that results. Sound like you? I’d love to welcome you to the pack. To experience the difference for yourself, click here or give me a call at 724-913-BARK (2275).

To learn more, visit my listing on The Printmaker System. For more information on Bark & Gold Photography sessions, visit “The Experience” in the menu and be sure to share your email on my homepage to join the VIP list.

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