Elevate Your Space with Bark & Gold Photography’s Gallery Line of Wall Art

I’m always in search of the most distinctive, exquisite products to truly elevate your pet portraits and your wall décor so when I caught a glimpse of some new luxury frame finishes and premium print options available exclusively through one of my labs, I just knew they needed a spot in my product guide. They are truly something special! So special, in fact, that I decided they needed their own wall art category to fully appreciate them for their beauty and uniqueness.

And that’s where Bark & Gold Photography’s new gallery line of wall art comes in.

Signature Line vs. Gallery Line

Since launching my business, signature wall art has been a “main event” product, and rest assured, those pieces aren’t going anywhere, but with these new options truly standing so far apart from the OGs, lumping them all together just didn’t sit right with me. (Hellooo, gallery line!)

So, what exactly differentiates the signature line from the gallery line?

Essentially, the signature line will continue to a special favorite you know and love—namely ​artisan wood—while the gallery line will now include my wildly popular reclaimed wood frames, unique barnwood rounds, traditional framed prints, stunning deckled edge framed prints (with optional—​get this—gold leaf edges), and luxurious bespoke masterpieces with a new painterly portrait option. 

gold leaf deckled edge framed prints from Bark & Gold Photography's gallery line

These gallery line prints and frames are truly next-level! With the most beautiful archival fine art paper and an optional deckled edge, your pup’s portraits will never have looked so elegant. The hand-torn edge brings a natural-looking, artisanal feel that separates it from other papers, making deckled edge prints perfect if you crave something unmatched in quality and uniqueness.

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A Focus on Framing

A larger focus on higher-end details, picture-perfect craftsmanship, and authentic, made-in-the-USA woods that you can only get through me as your pet photographer are all keystones of this new gallery line. Frames will feature hand-milled white oak instead of bleached oak, plastic, or fabricated frames that are dwindling due to supply chain issues. Gallery line frames will always be genuine hardwood and American handmade.

Perhaps most intriguing is the history these frames bring. Each is sourced from wood that is roughly a century old! This wood brings an antiquity that’s proving to be harder and harder to find as more barns are being replaced with steel, making these frames ones that are going to be extremely rare as the years go by. While this makes the sourcing of materials more challenging, its rarity also provides an offering that is unique to your wall art.

From traditional craftsman wood frames to modern minimalist styles, there are plenty of high-end options available to fit any aesthetic or décor. Each frame is built with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity so you can invest in pieces with the confidence that they will look gorgeous for years to come.

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A Luxurious Way to Elevate Your Space

Bark & Gold Photography’s line of gallery wall art pieces offers a unique and stunning way to showcase your most beloved pet portraits while elevating the space in which they’re displayed. From premium authentic hardwood frames that boast authenticity and a rich history to archival-quality fine art prints, each piece exudes a sense of warmth, authenticity, and style that adds a touch of elegance and undeniable charm to your home. With their museum-quality craftsmanship and vibrant colors captured in beautiful detail, these wall art options command attention all throughout your home, making them conversation starters sure to bring endless joy to everyone who sees them.

Is wall art from this new gallery line calling your name? Let’s chat about which piece would be the perfect addition to your home! Choose your adventure below to begin.

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      Thank you! What’s unique too is that these materials are becoming increasingly more difficult to find as buildings are torn down and replaced with less sustainable materials, so they’ll be even more precious and treasured as the years go on.

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      I’m there to walk them through making the best choices for their portraits and their homes, which I know they certainly appreciate.

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