Harley the Husky Mix Puppy in South Park – Pittsburgh Dog Photographer

The first time Amy laid eyes on Harley, she fell in love with Harley’s beautiful eyes and coloring. (Just look at those baby blues–how can you not?!)

beautiful blue-eyed husky mix puppy at South Park near Pittsburgh

One of Amy’s worries prior to our session was that Harley wouldn’t do well in a park full of other people and dogs, but she was thrilled to see that her girl was right at home in front of the camera. We took advantage of some of the less populated areas throughout South Park and gave Harley plenty of time to sniff and explore them.

“You got Harley to cooperate in a way I never thought she would,” Amy told me afterward.

husky mix puppy near the Oliver Miller Homestead at South Park near Pittsburgh

Like most puppies, Harley was full of energy, playing and racing through the open fields. I love how her ears and tongue flopped every which way as she fetched a favorite ball until she just couldn’t play any longer.

husky mix puppy chases a butterfly and ball at South Park near Pittsburgh

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