Why I Love Portrait Trios—And Why You Will Too

At the start of the year, I shared some changes I was making in simplifying your Pittsburgh pet photography experience in 2022, one of which focused on boutique add-on products, hinting at new additions and bigger options. Among those products getting a revamp are my wildly popular portrait trios.

What are Portrait Trios?

You may be wondering, What exactly is a portrait trio?

Portrait trios are a part of Bark & Gold Photography’s boutique add-ons, which I liken to the rainbow sprinkles on a birthday cake-flavored macaron: the perfect little extras! These products are small, but ideal for gifting or enjoying a handful of favorites in addition to your signature wall art, fine art album, or heirloom folio box.

Highlighting three archival silk-print portraits and more than 70 vegan-friendly luxury linens, suedes, velvets, and leatherettes to complement them, portrait trios marry the beauty of fine art albums with the familiarity of an 8×10 matted print. When fully opened, this trifold showcases all three prints together, but then neatly folds into a compact piece for storage.

mockups of portrait trios featuring rescue dogs

Formerly, these portrait trios were available only in a petite 6×6 ratio with board-mounted prints. Now, however, you can look forward to more traditional portraits finished with a classic white mat in a larger trifold size.

I love portrait trios-perhaps even more so with these subtle upgrades to them—‍and I know you will too! Here’s why…

Portrait Trios are Simply Gorgeous

Internationally handcrafted in Poland, this product is unmatched in elegance and quality, which you’ll experience firsthand from the moment you hold it.

If you’ve never felt the soft, lightly honeycombed texture of silk paper, prepare to be wowed. With its slightly matte finish, this richly-colored professional photo paper resists scratches and fingerprints far beyond what glossy papers can, helping ensure your portraits remain just as gorgeous as the day you received them.

That same longevity carries over to its cover materials. It’s hard to exceed the durability of the portrait trio’s luxury Iinen options, which will provide an aesthetically captivating, soft-to-the-touch lastingness for generations to come. If you prefer the look and feel of leather that adds a more hardy appearance, you’ll love the vegan-friendly alternatives offered in more than 20 colors, ranging from boldly vibrant and exquisitely feminine to deep earthy neutrals that add a richness like no other. Or maybe you’re drawn to the lush and opulent suedes and velvets that are simply beautiful.

Portrait Trios Are Anything But Boring

Say goodbye to those early 90’s Olan Mills studio prints (if you can even find them these days); portrait trios are nothing like your mama’s 8x10s! They’re versatile, sophisticated, lightweight, and above all, designed to be something you’re going to want to display and share with family and friends.

Portrait Trios Deliver Display Versatility and Convenience

Given their convenient and practical size, portrait trios can be displayed in a variety of places with minimal effort. On a coffee table, on a bookshelf or dresser, across a fireplace mantel, and even at the office on a shelf or desk are just a few of the spots where my clients choose to feature theirs.

No need to source complementary frames or invest time and additional money into selecting mouldings and mats alongside a professional framer. The customizable craftsmanship in terms of this ready-to-display trio’s color and materials present nearly limitless options guaranteed to match both its portraits and your home décor, ensuring it looks right at home no matter where you choose to display yours.

Do you want to learn more about this popular portrait trio and the countless other ways to enjoy your images following your session? Let’s connect today! Choose your adventure below to begin.

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