Looking Ahead: Simplifying Your Pittsburgh Pet Photography Experience in 2022

It’s attributed to the beauty of life, deemed the essence of happiness, the key to brilliance, and the soul of efficiency.


Leo Babauta, author of The Power Of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential, said, “Simplicity boils down to two steps: identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.”

And in mid-December, looking ahead as 2022 inched closer each day, that’s exactly what I did, investing in a pet photography-specific business coach and sweeping the tufts of dog hair from every corner of the Bark & Gold experience to streamline and serve you at the highest level possible.

This overhaul of sorts was not made without thorough consideration and intention. At times, it felt a bit uncertain; now and then, exhilarating, and each decision was not made without drawing momentum and action from my 2022 word-of-the-year: trust. I needed to trust my gut, to trust in the process, and to trust that I am always in the right place at the right time for my greater good. For your greater good.

It’s that jumping-off point, the foundation upon which we build and grow—wherein love and relationships thrive—and the cornerstone that shapes every piece of Bark & Gold experience, one firm in joy, love, efficiency…and trust.

A New Booking Structure

The most notable difference you’ll see upon inquiring is the return to a separate session fee and the departure from the previous years’ product credit-based retainer. It’s a big change that, to be completely forthcoming, reflects a desire to make it easier, more transparent, and virtually risk-free for you to work with me.

Look, I get it: investing several hundred dollars upfront in an experience you’ve never had can feel scary even when you know it’s something you’ve saved and longed for. Like many others, you may feel uncertainty about your dog’s reaction to certain situations, terrified that he’ll run off with the title of Pittsburgh’s worst-behaved dog, and maybe even unconvinced that I can get a single portrait of him like those you’ve seen on my website and in my social media posts.

A Bark & Gold Photography session is a unique and meaningful experience, and one that you should be excited about! While I can’t take away 100% of your pre-session apprehensions and nerves, which, by the way, are totally normal, I hope to ease your concerns and lessen that initial hesitation early on with this transition back to a simplified session fee that requires far less financial commitment prior to you experiencing firsthand how unbelievably well your furry friend did during our time together.

So, what’s included with your session fee?

  • An optional pre-session phone consultation,
  • A photography session for up to two pets from the same household,
  • Your own private client portal to help plan your session,
  • Professional editing of your images,
  • An ordering appointment to select your favorite images and products, and
  • A 5×7 gift print of your choice.

Your time and your money are important. So is your satisfaction. With the culmination of your Bark & Gold experience being tangible, archival-quality artwork created in collaboration alongside your best friend, I’d much prefer to see your money allocated to where it matters to you most: not on a retainer but toward the very products that are going to fill your home for generations to come.

Refreshed Products

There’s a saying that to improve is to change. In reflecting on the refinements I wanted to bring to the heart of the Bark & Gold experience, it became evident that change was inevitable, specifically in regards to a la carte products and signature collections.

I am thrilled to be partnering with several new suppliers and world-class labs for my framing, both for my popular barnwood options, framed canvases, deckled edge framed prints, and fine art framed prints. Not only will this bring fresher and more diverse options to show you, but I’ll now also have the ability to frame your pet portraits even larger, up to a showcase size (for barnwood frames, framed canvases, and deckled edge framed prints). This vendor swap does mean that some frame options that you may have ordered in the past will no longer be available, but I can guarantee you’re going to love these new styles even more!

Fine art albums and heirloom folio boxes have also seen a slight change this year to align with the most popular preferences and sizes of the last few years.

As for those boutique add-ons, well…that’s where you’ll likely notice the biggest changes. Previously, these products that I consider to be the rainbow sprinkles on a birthday cake-flavored macaron—the perfect little extras if you will—were only available with the purchase of a signature collection, signature wall art piece, fine art album, or heirloom folio box. Now, you want ’em, you got ’em with zero stipulations! I’ve completely restructured these smaller products, adding several new choices to the mix and removing others, to give you even more options and value.

Speaking of value, you’ll be happy to see that my signature collections are even more jam-packed with variety and awesomeness. (I know, I didn’t think it was possible for them to get any better either, but it’s happening!) Reworking these signature collections means that my previous bonus schedule and digital collections have been done away with entirely in favor of incorporating some of these bonuses directly into these collections and alongside several a la carte products. Let me tell you: I am internally shrieking with glee over all of this! (Seriously, be glad this isn’t an audio post.)

e-Gift Certificates for Your Pittsburgh Pet Photography Session

The last significant change I made heading into 2022 relates to gift certificates. To make ordering, tracking, and redeeming them easier for both you and me, Bark & Gold Photography has transitioned over to offering only electronic gift certificates available through Gift Up!, an online gift card retailer, a move I’m particularly excited about. Its electronic format is much more straightforward and seamless, and I know you’re going to love it as well.

With GiftUp!, not only will you be able to choose when you want your recipients to receive their gift certificate (either instantly or scheduled for a future date), you’ll be able to purchase it conveniently directly from my website using your credit/debit card, PayPal account, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. From there, GiftUp! takes care of the rest by automating delivery right to their inbox for them to redeem upon booking their session or presenting you with the option to print and personally deliver to its recipients. Giving the gift of a pet photography session is that simple!

Looking Ahead to Pittsburgh’s 2022 Pet Photography Sessions

It’s said that change brings with it opportunity, and I am confident that these changes will continue to elevate the opportunity to provide you with the most beautiful products, to tell your story your way, and to celebrate the joy and love between even more Pittsburgh pets and their people. I hope to welcome you to the pack soon…

Do you want to learn more about the Bark & Gold Photography experience? Let’s connect today! Choose your adventure below to begin.

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