Q&A: Do I Really Have The Space for Wall Art?

Concerns over having enough wall space is the number-one reason clients express for holding back on purchasing wall art. Many simply don’t believe that they have the space in their home for large wall art, or rather, appropriately sized wall art. This misconception, however, often leads people to gravitate toward a more conservative size, which typically appears out-of-scale with the rest of the room.

Another obstacle that prevents clients from choosing the right-sized wall art is that, unless they are among the few that boast a keen awareness for proportion (and let me emphasize how few that is), it can be very challenging to visualize size. Sure, a single 16×24 canvas, as shown below, may sound big enough, but if you’ve ever seen a too-small piece of art hung over a mantle or behind a sofa, you’ve likely recognized how uncomfortably out of place it appears. Perhaps something just doesn’t look quite right, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

24x16 canvas on wall in living room

Let’s look at the same wall with a 30×40 canvas. Much better, right?

30x40 canvas in living room

Now take that same 30×40 canvas and add four 12×12 canvases showcasing your other favorite images and you’ve easily created a complete wall collection that will proportionately highlight your photography investment.

30x40 wall art collection in living room

A collection combining one or two larger statement pieces with multiple smaller canvases is another option that can be very effective, particularly when working with narrow spaces. The 24×36 canvas shown in this example, for instance, looks nice, but it doesn’t maximize the space effectively to provide the wow-factor you want when displaying wall art.

24x36 bedroom canvas

Here is that same 24×26 canvas, this time flanked by two 12×18 pieces. Notice how much better the space is utilized and how the viewer’s eye is drawn across across all three canvases to create a cohesive display.

24x26 wall art with 12x8s canvases

So, do you really have the space for wall art? The answer is an enthusiastic Y-E-S! Purchasing wall art is one instance in which size does matter. Approach your design space with a combination of creativity and a little planning, but above all, don’t be afraid to go big and go bold!

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