5 Timeless Black Frames for Your Dog’s Silhouette Sunset Session

Once a year, Pittsburgh pups and their people step into a paradise-like landscape during Bark & Gold Photography’s limited edition silhouette sunset sessions. With a meaningful and unforgettable adventure that’s all at once tranquil, connected, and colorful, these vibrant and dreamy sessions offer an intimate experience like no other.

We’ll capture your dog in his purest, most joyful self against the fiercest and most magical skies as we create entirely blackened silhouettes of your most beloved companion for the opportunity to see him like never and ensure these cherished memories are transformed into striking, statement-making wall pieces and timeless artwork.

Framed pieces are among the various wall art options available with black frames emerging as a favorite pairing to these captivating silhouette images. Like a little black dress, their elegance not only complements the incredible colors of the sunset but also creates a powerful focal point that speaks to the heart.

Join me as I give you a glimpse into the magic of Bark & Gold Photography’s popular silhouette sunset sessions where handcrafted black frames add the perfect finishing touch and transform your dog’s most dreamy portraits into an everlasting heirloom.

The Allure of Black Frames for Silhouette Wall Art

Whether you’re choosing from reclaimed frames made from solid oak or hearty pine, or traditional frames that pair well with décor ranging from minimalist to mid-century modern, black finishes exude a classic and timeless elegance, making them an ideal choice for highlighting the beauty captured at your dog’s silhouette sunset session. The depth of black frames places the silhouette and its evocative emotions at the forefront, skillfully drawing the eye to the artwork itself and accentuating the silhouette’s essence, ensuring the intimacy of these portraits shines through without any distractions. When you consider the warmth and vibrancy often found in sunset images, it’s clear to see why ebony-colored frames provide just enough punch to enhance the overall visual impact and beauty of your pup’s silhouette as their depth and dimension only add to a sense of immersion that breathes life into your artwork.

Black frames also effortlessly blend into any home décor with an exemplary charm that never goes out of style, making them a safe and sophisticated choice that harmonizes in any room, creating a cohesive and polished look no matter where you choose to display them. From

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5 Frame Finishes for Sunset Artwork of Your Dog

Pair any of Bark & Gold Photography’s reclaimed wood frames or unique barnwood rounds with your silhouette sunset session portraits for a natural, earthy look that boasts an aged authenticity that simply can’t be replicated. With their artisan craftsmanship, no two frames are ever alike, meaning you’ll have a truly distinctive piece.

barnwood rounds and Ember reclaimed wood frame with silhouette sunset session portraits of dogs and their humans

The black wood round that features a sleek and sophisticated black finish and the chunkier Ember design remain among my clients’ favorites. A fun fact about that Ember frame is that its color is created by charring the wood, which brings out its gorgeous texture.

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If you’re drawn to a more minimalist style, look no further than the modern black gallery line frame with a fine art print or a bespoke masterpiece complemented by a 1.25″ slim black frame with a thin silver accent.

bespoke masterpieces and a slim black frame with silhouette sunset session portraits of a dog kissing her human

For home décor that leans toward traditional and classic, a traditional framed print with the C23 frame is guaranteed to elevate your silhouette sunset session wall art. With its clean lines and timeless appeal, this frame effortlessly completes the refined aesthetics of this décor style. The unassuming elegance of this simplistic frame draws attention to the emotive silhouette, allowing your dog to take center stage. Its understated charm harmonizes seamlessly with intricate furniture pieces, ornate details, and the rich textures commonly found in traditional interiors to create a cohesive and sophisticated piece of artwork.

black traditional frames with silhouette sunset session portraits of dogs against a colorful sky

Have you already picked out several potential spots in your home for your portraits? I’d be delighted to assist you in selecting the perfect black frame for your dog’s silhouette sunset session artwork! Choose your adventure below to begin.

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      Thanks, Nicole! The black is simply classic and just does a little extra for these silhouettes!

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