Pairing Your Barnwood Framed Pet Portraits With Your Décor

From airy, maritime elements to modern farmhouse flair, Bark & Gold Photography offers the widest selection of exclusive, American-made barnwood frames of any pet photographer in the greater Pittsburgh area.

With a newly expanded collection of these gorgeous, handcrafted frames, narrowing down the most appropriate and breathtaking barnwoods to pair with your pet portraits begins with considering the various lines, patterns, tones, textures, and textiles that fill the space where you’ll be displaying your barnwood framed print.

Barnwood Frames for a Coastal and Airy Décor

For homes that lean toward a lighter palette or coastal-inspired collection of textures and materials, a more neutral barnwood serves as a highly favored and attractive frame. With a timeless, classic appearance, these gray-based frames complement without competing. Handcrafted from pine, historic hand-painted windowpanes, or old fences, these barnwood frames look stunning against portraits with cooler tones like cream, white, lavender, pale blue, muted greens, and grays.

When choosing a frame for coastal cottage furnishings or a maritime décor, look for those with a lighter finish. Weathered wood, whitewashed, driftwood tones, and even maple, ash, and pine effortlessly bring a hint of nature to your home and add an element of coziness to an otherwise cool palette.

light barnwood frames for coastal and bright home décor

These frames, particularly the Windowpane, Whitewashed, and Honeysuckle styles, feature more of a weathered look in which the crackled paint appears slightly more distressed, allowing the base tones to show through and pair well with the bright and airiness, nautical accents, and mix of neutrals and traditionally light blues of a casual coastal décor. That said though, don’t be afraid to choose a darker wood to help anchor your portrait. (Get it…anchor?)

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Modern Simplicity with a Homespun Flair

Craftsman frames in walnut or black, the beautifully dramatic Ember frame, and even the Modern Gold/White style with its sophisticated brass gold leaf waxed edge are ideal for blending modern simplicity with a homespun flair. Because of their relaxed refinement and simple coloration, these frames display your portraits with a balance of rustic, raw materials and clean, minimalistic lines.

barnwood frames showing dogs and a cat ideal for modern home décor

These styles also look fantastic with an industrial décor that combines unpolished finishes, contemporary accents, and comfortable spaces. Silhouettes, portraits with rich, warm tones, and those in black and white harness the beauty of these subtly textured frames that spotlight a hint of grain.

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Ravishingly Rustic Texture for the Modern Farmhouse

Barnwood frames boast an inviting warmth and rugged elegance. It’s a large reason why many clients are drawn toward them. Organic, textured, and with a combination of delicacy and strong lines, these robust, no-frills frames feature inlays that add a high-end modern touch to draw your eye right to your pet’s portraits.

rustic barnwood frames of outdoorsy dogs to match farmhouse home décor

If you appreciate vintage, earthy authenticity with layered depth, you’ll love the Asher, Brown Magnolia, Gratiot, Haystack, Haywagon, Silo, and Stable frames, many of which can be tailored and tweaked to flatter the tones of your home and print. These styles are simply gorgeous and something you won’t be able to replicate through consumer labs, big-box arts and crafts or home décor stores.

Which barnwood frames appeal most to you? I’d love to custom design the perfect ones for your home! Choose your adventure below to begin.

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14 thoughts on “Pairing Your Barnwood Framed Pet Portraits With Your Décor

  1. Cahlean Klenke says:

    Ooooo! These are all very lovely! If I were to pick a favorite… it would be the top batch (the Windowpane, Whitewashed, and Honeysuckle styles). Vintage but not overly textured, these would be charming for any dog portrait!

    • Bark & Gold Photography says:

      Those are some of my favorites too; the colors complement a lot of interiors and portraits.

  2. Elaine says:

    I am a big fan of lighter colored framing, and especially of barnwood. Most of my own, personal framed items, are in lighter barnwood frames! Beautiful photos, as always!

    • Bark & Gold Photography says:

      Thank you! I find I have several favorite barnwood frame styles for many different reasons. When I sourced these, I picked those that I not only love, but that I know will appeal most to my clients as well.

    • Bark & Gold Photography says:

      I knew you’d love these! As I was writing, I had a feeling you’d be choosing similar to share about this week!

  3. Carol R Mudra says:

    Oooo those inlaid, bevels on those frames at the end are really nice. It’s nice how these barnwood frames are so versatile and look great whether in a vintage style or modern. I love them all!!! Which means it’s great motivation to have lots of gorgeous photo options, like you do, to go with them!

    • Bark & Gold Photography says:

      Oh, that’s surprising! I think it’s so attractive to my clients because I also love this style so much!

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