Xap the Yorkshire Terrier Puppy’s Spring Session at Heinz Field and Pittsburgh’s North Shore

At the time of writing this post, 13-week-old Xap holds the title of the tiniest dog I’ve photographed as well as the one who’s traveled farthest for a session: from Florida!

“We’re hoping it’s a fun way to breathe some good energy and life into a house that’s been sad for a bit too long,” began her mom Caroline’s inquiry. “We don’t yet know Xap—we are picking her up on March 18—but I had baby pictures of my Pax done 13 years ago, and I know I want to have baby pictures of Xap so I have the memories forever.”

With a tight travel timeline for her visit to Pittsburgh, we scheduled a session date along with a few tentative rain dates because…well, you know how spring in Pittsburgh goes! Knowing how much these portraits mean to her and hearing more about her why, I was determined to get them done during Caroline’s return to her hometown.

“We lost our 13-year-old Yorkshire terrier, Pax, while we were on vacation in San Diego [in] January 2022. That same day, Xap was born,” shares Caroline. “My fiancé Katie spotted her online from a breeder [knowing] we wanted a rainbow baby who shared Pax’s crossing-over day.”

Looking for a fun name that kept Pax close to them, the couple, had the idea to reverse the letters in Pax’s name and came up with Xap, pronounced ”zap,” which is much like a sound superheroes make. With the belief that this less-than-two-pounds puppy will be stepping into the role of saving them from the grief they continue to deal with following Pax’s passing, a superhero name was undeniably fitting.

Caroline and Katie picked up Xap from New Orleans before bringing her back to the Pittsburgh area to meet their extended family—and for her first professional portrait session!

“We don’t know much about her, aside from her birth date, so you’re going to get to watch her become part of our family as we get to know her ourselves,” Caroline says. “We love that she has a white little chin and big ears; Pax had the big ears and had a big white diamond on her belly. Xap seems to have similar markings and a similar body structure. She, like Pax, is the runt of the litter, the only girl of four boys, and apparently has a lot of fun energy.”

Yorkshire terrier puppy during a spring pet photography session shot on Pittsburgh's North Shore

When asked what kind of images would make their hearts soar, Caroline knew right away, sharing her hope for ”high-energy, silly photos.”

“I don’t care so much if she sits and poses, but I’d love photos of her running, jumping, playing, chasing toys…tongue out, fur wagging. The more energy and playful the better,” emphasized Caroline.

Tiny 13-week-old Yorkshire terrier shakes and plays along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail on Pittsburgh's North Shore during a spring pet photography session

Xap pranced and played along Pittsburgh’s North Shore where spring’s cherry blossoms had started to bloom before heading over toward Heinz Field. Because their family is massive Steelers fans, Caroline asked if it would be possible to capture some Steelers-themed portraits outside the stadium down by the water.

A black and gold feather boa, iconic Terrible Towel, and regulation-sized football accentuated Xap’s petite stature. Positioning her along the stairs leading up to one of the stadium’s entrances highlighted just how itty bitty she truly is, despite her larger-than-life personality…and served as the best spot for an end-of-session nap.

Yorkshire terrier puppy in Steelers jersey posing with a football outside of Pittsburgh's Heinz Field during a spring pet photography session

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11 thoughts on “Xap the Yorkshire Terrier Puppy’s Spring Session at Heinz Field and Pittsburgh’s North Shore

  1. Darlene says:

    I LOVE her!!! How fun! These pictures are amazing, Jessica! And little Xap next to the football – so cute! We can see how tiny she is. Looks like she had an amazing adventure!

    • Bark & Gold Photography says:

      I couldn’t get over how little she was in comparison! I also loved her little jersey. I actually thought for a minute it was going to be big on her, but it fit her itty bitty frame perfectly!

    • Bark & Gold Photography says:

      Oh, they sure do! They’re so fun because you just know how much that little body is going to shine with exuberance and expression!

  2. Elaine says:

    Such a great story. I am a firm believer that dogs who pass into spirit, send us our next pet. It has happened here in more than coincidental ways. Xap seems “larger than life” in attitude, and I wish these pet parents many fun years ahead!

    • Bark & Gold Photography says:

      I completely agree! Her story is so special and connected to Pax’s…it’s incredible and without a doubt meant to be!

  3. Tracy Allard says:

    Oh my! How can you pack so much cute into 2lbs? She’s adorable (and I bet you spent a LOT of time laying on the ground in this session!). Great images to connect with Pittsburgh too!

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