How a Complimentary Gift Helps Your Pet Exist in Print

Despite photography tracing back to 1826, National Photography Month, a month dedicated to celebrating the joys and benefits of photography, wasn’t officially recognized until May 1987, 161 years later, when Congress first acknowledged the role of photography in modern society.

Since then, the value and convenience of photography have only continued to grow.

We devote the spaces where we spend the most time to displaying our most cherished images. We pass along and live on through memories we can physically touch, that we can hold in our hands, our hearts, and our minds. We return to these reminders of what love, family, and happiness feel like with every turn of an album’s pages.

Why should portraits of our pets be treated any differently?

The Importance of Printed Portraits

Printing your photos retains and safeguards emotions and connections that, sorry—digital images simply can’t replicate. Tangible portraits are a constant representation of the small moments in time, keeping them visually present and reminding us of what’s most important in life.

We turn to them for encouragement, fulfillment, inspiration, joy, preservation, reflection, comfort, and connection.

We reminisce, chronicle, shed tears of laughter and sorrow, and slow down in our busy schedules, if only for a few seconds. We better appreciate the people, places, and moments we habitually take for granted and become more cognizant of all the beauty and light that fill what truly good lives we live.

Unprinted, there is often no way to reclaim these memories in the future when (and I’ll firmly stand by that it’s when not if) your computer crashes or your hard drive fails.

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How a Complimentary Gift Helps Your Pet Exist in Print

As a proud Certified Printmaker and someone who values tangible products and believes my job is not finished until every client has photos on display, ready to be enjoyed and handed down from generation to generation, I believe your pet deserves to exist in print.

You deserve the comfort of remembering the way the sunlight illuminates the edge of his fur sticking out every which way from beneath his collar as he spends a quiet morning in the yard, of feeling the shared jubilation at seeing his eyes light up as he bounds towards you with his tattered, slobber-soaked (ahem—beloved) ball barely contained in his mouth, and the transition over the years from shark-toothed puppy into sugar-faced senior.

Earning the distinction of Certified Printmaker means continuing my education on the best ways to create a truly boutique experience for every client and striving to provide the best practices of workflow, processes, design strategies, and client support.

That means ensuring you have physical printed portraits following our time together, which begins with the complimentary 5×7 matted print*, yours when you book a standard session or Rainbow Session. Yes, the value I place on making sure your furry family member exists in print, that your images live on far beyond a JPEG, and that you never forget his loyalty and legacy is so ingrained in me that, at the beginning of 2022, I made the decision to gift this to you simply for booking.

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complimentary matted 5x7 gift print of a handsome rough collie

Printed on stunning Fuji Crystal Archive Deep Matte paper, this 5×7 matted gift print guarantees standard archival value of 75 years in-home display, making it a lovely addition to your signature wall art, fine art album, heirloom folio box, or boutique add-ons. More importantly, it guarantees you’ll always have something to tell your story told your way with all the luxurious touches and beauty you’ve come to expect. Because he’s never ”just a” dog. Because these are more than “just photos.”

One of the sentiments at the heart of the Bark & Gold Photography experience is that of MUSEA founder Michael Howard who said, ”Framing a print acknowledges the power of a frozen moment. Out of all the images taken it says, ’This is worth seeing every day!’”

Are you ready to let these moments exist in print? If so, welcome home. I know you won’t mind a little dog hair on the furniture.

Let’s celebrate National Photography Month! A Bark & Gold Photography session promises not only a unique and meaningful experience but tangible archival-quality products as well. From signature wall art in a variety of finishes to fine art albums, heirloom folio boxes, and beautiful boutique add-ons, you’re sure to love the many ways your pet can exist in print. Choose your adventure below to begin.

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*Excludes complimentary calendar contest sessions and limited edition sessions; additional terms and conditions may apply

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