Creative Ways to Display Small Prints

Small prints can be a fun addition to a signature wall art or fine art album, so it’s no surprise that many clients choose to add them to these “main event” products. In this week’s Photography Blog Circle post, I’m sharing creative ways to display small prints throughout your home, including a favorite client product.

Where Small Prints Fall Short

Small prints are great for gifting or when you want something a bit smaller to display throughout your home or office. One place small prints alone won’t make a big impact, however, is on your wall. When you recall that appropriately sized wall art should take up approximately 60-75% of available wall space not blocked by moldings or furniture, a mini size will, by itself, look “off.” Unless you’ve grouped several together, like these six 8×12 framed and matted portraits, a single small print just won’t cut it. There’s nothing more disappointing than investing in beautiful custom wall art only to realize that you could have easily gone two or three times larger.

framed small prints displayed as a wall art grouping in a white living room

Small Prints, Big Impact

Hold up though. Just because small prints aren’t ideal when displayed alone on a large wall doesn’t mean that they can’t still make a big impact when arranged in creative ways. Showcasing a gift print on a mini easel placed upon a tabletop or shelf, as accents in a multi-image wall art grouping, within a beautiful 10-panel album block, or inside a custom heirloom folio box (a client favorite) are fitting and creative ways to display small prints.

heirloom folio box with small prints on mini easels

Heirloom Folio Boxes

A gorgeous alternative to signature wall art and fine art albums, heirloom folio boxes are the most beautiful way to preserve your prints. Each box holds either 10 or 20 5×7 prints that are matted to 8×10, which can be framed and displayed throughout your home or stored in their handcrafted box for safekeeping. With two styles to choose from–a luxury linen that is both classic and contemporary or a breathtaking bamboo box with a fine art flair–you’re sure to find a design to complement your images and your home.

The luxury linen box offers the most customizable options, including personalization on its solid linen-covered lid, whereas the box bamboo-constructed folio box allows you to choose one of your favorite images to highlight as a unique torn-edge print that appears to float upon the lid and another hidden on the inside of the lid. (If you’re keeping count, that means you get two bonus images!)

What’s your favorite way to creatively show off your small prints? Let me know in the comments. You may even find some new inspiration from others!

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