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Dog-reactive? Highly distractible? Treat-motivated? Why not! Bring it on! After all, these are very common descriptions I hear from Pittsburgh pet parents, and oftentimes, their pups never quite hit the “explicit content” expectations they’re branded with. Typically, it’s quite the opposite.

Meet Dugan the Pit Mix & Brady the Boxer

Such was the case with Brandi and Chris’s dogs: Dugan, a five-year-old pit bull/boxer mix, and one-year-old boxer Brady.

“Dugan has some dog reactivity and will be on-alert but chill,” cautioned Brandi. “Brady will bark at you initially, but then [she will] be fine. She is very active, playful, [and] highly distracted by squirrels, birds, bunnies, etc. Dugan is older and could care less about those creatures, but both are highly motivated by high-end treats.”

Armed with chicken and cheese, a few favorite toys, and Dugan’s ultra-comfy blanket, the couple met me at beautiful Brady’s Run County Park in Beaver Falls for an early May session, and right out of the gate, these two were on! While Brandi prefaced our meeting with the potential that both dogs would likely bark initially and then become more interested in their new surroundings, both Dugan and Brady stepped into their newfound modeling roles quite easily–and all without a peep. I’m convinced they know when the humans are letting me in on little secrets and aim to prove them wrong every time. Just look at these perfect faces!

Play All Day

“I trust your judgment. They are good dogs and will hopefully make this fun and easy for you,” said Brandi, adding that she’d love a few action or running shots of them. Girl, your wish is my command!

Brandi and Chris brought along two long orange leads that not only kept them safe and in the areas we needed for capturing a mix of candid and posed portraits but that delivered big fun as well. Brady especially loved this rope, which I was told she frequently plays with at home. Chris got in quite the workout running this silly girl who let loose for what became many of all of our favorite portraits!

Dugan, on the other hand, was slightly more reserved, particularly early on. He preferred quietly exploring the woods over rambunctious rope runs, but got a second wind near the end of our time together when Chris broke out a tennis ball and rope toy. It was pounces, leaps, and catch-me-if-you-cans all around for this sweet boy who had me asking, Where did that come from?!

He had the most fun teasing his little sister who, despite her puppy energy, just couldn’t seem to swipe the ball from him. When she finally realized she wasn’t going to win, Brady turned to Brandi for some bubble-biting jumps. We were cracking up over her expressions and the height she could get. After seeing these, I am convinced Brady may be part kangaroo!

And hey–pop quiz to see how well you’ve been following along. True or false: Brady was on a lead this entire time? Um, so true! Do you really think we’d let this adorable wild child off-leash for one second?! (Can’t believe it? Check out this speed edit I shared showing how easily I can make your dog’s leash disappear!)

When You’ve Gotta Have ‘Em All

“While I hate to get just digitals, I also know I am going to want most, if not all, of them, so I will need help with self-control when making choices in the end,” Brandi told me early on in her planning process. Boy–did that change once she saw her images alongside the gorgeous fine art album samples I brought along to her reveal and ordering appointment!

Not that I’m all that surprised. I think in the past five years, I’ve only had maybe two clients purchase all-digital collections. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

Flipping through their pages and envisioning Dugan and Brady within them, Brandi realized there was no way she could walk away with just digitals. With an upcoming anniversary nearing the end of the following month, Brandi decided on a spectacular blue luxury linen-covered 10×10 album that she intended to gift to her husband as a surprise.

A few weeks after her appointment, I presented her a custom 24-page design featuring 40 of her absolute favorites for proofing, to which she gushed, “I love it! Thank you so much. It’s perfect. He will be amazed and love it too!”

But what about those digitals Brandi initially intended to purchase? Well, she got those too since every ordered product also includes the complimentary matching ordered product images! I call that a double-win!

Wait–but that’s not all! Brandi so loved a portrait of Dugan and Brady on one of my favorite footbridges within the park that she elected to add it on as a beautiful acrylic block. This boutique add-on also helped earn her a level-one bonus, a set of three 3×3 mini accordion albums. I love the rich charcoal gray luxury linen she picked for its cover; it complemented perfectly the 10 images she chose to fill it with.

Brandi & Chris, I am so grateful to you for trusting your furry ones to me in capturing these playful portraits and special memories. Enjoy your fine art album and acrylic block for many years to come…and Happy Anniversary!

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