Guest Post: Smiling Wrigley’s Treat Shop

Pet parents want healthy treats; their dogs, mouth-watering flavors. With “ingredients to smile about” from a new local treat shop, your dog can have nutritious and delicious snacks that you can feel good about offering. In my second guest post, Kali of Smiling Wrigley’s Treat Shop talks with me about the four-legged inspiration behind her brand and how this Pittsburgh-based business supports local shelters and animal non-profits.

Tell me a little about your company?

Smiling Wrigley’s Treat Shop is a home-based all-natural dog treat/dog product company based in Pittsburgh! Our mission is to spread smiles to dogs and owners by sharing quality treats and giving back as much as possible.

What sets Smiling Wrigley’s Treat Shop apart?

The Smiling Wrigley difference: First, quality. Our treats are made in-house with fresh ingredients–never frozen, canned, processed, etc. Each order is made-to-order and shipped fresh that day. We offer fun flavors beyond the standard chicken, beef, and fish that you often see in stores. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great addition to your pups’ diets and are often something we forget to include. Secondly, service. The Smiling Wrigley team wants to remain small and in-house, allowing us to serve the Pittsburgh community on a more personal scale. We want to be a part of your four-legged family members’ lives and provide you with quality products you will truly love. Knowing our customers allows us to customize orders based on dietary needs/restrictions.

How did Wrigley become a part of your family?

Wrigley was adopted from a farm in Tennessee! Wrigley’s human dad was iffy on getting a dog since he had a scary incident as a child, so we did our research in finding a good breeder that Wrigley’s future dad was comfortable with. As we all know, a dog’s love is like no other and within seconds Wrigley’s new human dad loved him just as much as his mom knew he could!

How has Wrigley helped shape your brand or mission?

Wrigley is the reason for our business. Wrigley’s undying love and happiness caused us to create a company based on just that: love and happiness. We love Wrigley and want him to live the happiest/healthiest life he can and that is why we started making our own treats. After a few trial runs and seeing how much Wrigley enjoyed them, we couldn’t wait to start sharing! Wrigley reminds us that there is no substitute for time and attention, and that is what you will find in our products and services. Every recipe is carefully crafted and researched with your pup in mind!

Smiling Wrigley's dog and bowl of treats
Photos provided by Kali with Smiling Wrigley’s Treat Shop.

Who or what are your biggest influences?

Wrigley’s grandma (my  mother) has been a big influence on our business! She is a current Veterinary Technician in Pittsburgh, so she provides great insight on health risks, treat recalls, and benefits of adding certain ingredients to your dog’s diet. She formerly worked at an animal shelter in Ohio where I often volunteered. I have been around animals my whole life and has a special gift when it comes to connecting with dogs. Because of Wrigley’s grandma’s commitment to helping animals, I’m able to follow suit through Smiling Wrigley’s Treat Shop.

What has been the most exciting or rewarding thing since launching Smiling Wrigley’s Treat Shop?

The most exciting part of launching Smiling Wrigley’s Treat Shop has been meeting owners who are as excited as us about giving their dog healthy treats! Through vendor fairs and park meet-ups, we have been able to meet so many awesome owners who encourage us to continue making high-quality products. Wrigley would say his favorite part of the business is having his mom home!

Tell me more about your products.

Not to wag our own tail…but so far we have been able to please even the pickiest of treat-eaters! Our grain-free Peanut Butter Cookie treats are always a sell-out since they are as delicious as they are cute. Pup-tomers love our Treat of The Month Club, where they receive discounted treats delivered monthly to their door. Members also have the opportunity to earn free treats! Our Dry Shampoo is also extremely popular as it is so easy to use and gives your pup a break from normal bath time. Bowl Cleaner may not sound exciting, but once people learn they can use it on teapots, grill accessories, crockpots and more, it is an instant favorite.

Smiling Wrigley's bag of treats
Photo provided by Kali with Smiling Wrigley’s Treat Shop.

I see that giving back to local shelters and animal non-profits is important to you. Tell me more about why and how you’re giving back.

When Smiling Wrigley’s Treat Shop was created, we did not consider not giving back, it was a must! Dogs will always wag their tails and be happy to see us, and for that reason, the Smiling Wrigley team wants to do as much as they can to make sure every dog is happy and healthy. We donate through a number of ways–monetary value through online fundraisers, wish-list fulfillment determined by the organization we are supporting, and volunteering! When people see “Smiling Wrigley” we want them to automatically associate our name with giving back.

What’s next for you?

In the very near future, we plan to expand our product line to include gift sets that are specific to milestones (new puppy, new dog owner, senior dog pack, birthdays, etc.) and to include more accessories for owners. We have some unbelievably cute hand-decorated coffee mugs that will be for sale in September! We are also scheduling online fundraisers with organizations for the upcoming months and hope to make some in-person appearances at events.

Where can Pittsburgh pet parents find you?

Pittsburgh dog parents can find us online at and on social media @smilingwrigley (Instagram and Facebook).

This content is provided to Bark & Gold Photography as a guest post by Smiling Wrigley’s Treat Shop. To learn more about its products, including all-natural treats, or to shop online, visit

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