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When clients say things like, “We’ve never wanted and waited for something so hard in our lives. He stole our hearts!” I  just know their session is going to be amazing–and Douglas Theodore’s proved me right. Then again, you really can’t go wrong with one of my favorite session locations and a real-life four-legged teddy bear.

goldendoodle puppy relaxing in a rocky creek at Brady's Run Park in Beaver Falls

Seriously–he does have that teddy bear quality! In fact, that’s a little how he got that charming name of his, according to his mom Kimberly.

“I am not too fond of normal dog names, so when we were thinking of boy names, I was more thinking [of] boy names [that] are not too common,” elaborates Kimberly. “Somehow Doug just popped into my mind. My boyfriend laughed and said, ‘Actually, that’s amazing!’ Theodore was chosen due to us knowing he would look like our own little teddy bear! Plus, it makes him sound like a little handsome man!”

Douglas is definitely a handsome man.

goldendoodle puppy posing with family at Brady's Run Park in Beaver County

Kimberly mentioned before Douglas’s session that, while she loves posed photos, candid images are always the ones she ends up loving more. She was specifically hoping I’d grab some photos of Douglas in action. (Ha–those ears are the best!)

goldendoodle puppy with wild ears from running in a field at Brady's Run Park in Beaver Falls

Be sure to follow this darling goldendoodle puppy’s daily adventures by joining him on Instagram @doodimdoug.

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2 thoughts on “Douglas Theodore the Goldendoodle Puppy – Beaver County Pet Photography

  1. Kristy says:

    What an ADORABLE doodle! And his name is as adorable as he is. What beautiful photos they will always have to cherish.

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