Bark & Gold Photography Interviewed on the Hair of the Dog Podcast

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a huge podcast junkie. My library is filled with everything from financial and business-focused shows to mindset, leadership, photography, and pet-centered ones, many of which I listen to while driving, editing, and even getting ready in the morning. No joke, I must take in hours of podcasts each day!

One of my favorites is former Pittsburgh pet photographer Nicole Begley’s Hair of the Dog Podcast. (If you’re a pet photographer, chances are you know all about the incredible Hair of the Dog community. It’s one of the most supportive and encouraging groups on Facebook with a following of more than 12,600 members.) Nicole, who now photographs pets in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, launched her latest venture into podcasting in February and has interviewed many of the photography industry’s best on topics ranging from location scouting secrets and finding your style to creating the most exceptional client experience and marketing strategies. Imagine my surprise when Nicole approached me to join her for an episode focused on something I couldn’t be more passionate about: my pet calendar contests. Now before I get ahead of myself, let me take a few steps back and mention why.

Earlier this year, Nicole and I partnered to bring my pet calendar contest course to her Hair of the Dog Academy, a paid membership site for pet photographers looking to take their photography to the next level with educational courses and information on improving their craft and growing their business, all while doing what they love. As the May guest instructor for within the Academy, I had the pleasure of sharing my material alongside some of the world’s leading pet photographers, including Caitlin McColl, Terran Bayer, Craig Turner-Bullock, and many others.

Through my calendar contest course, I breakdown an ultra comprehensive approach toward running a successful pet calendar contest, from how to find the right fundraising partner for your goals and business to how to profit after your sessions with products that sell. There are also some special inclusions, like a detailed PDF book, a contest planning timeline, email templates, contest rules, social media swipe files, and even PSD social media templates. It’s something years in the making and a project I am super proud of.

Hair of The Dog Academy guest instructor web page

During our podcast interview, Nicole and I discuss everything from how I got started in photography and hosting a pet calendar contest to the value in partnering, the logistics of shooting calendar contest sessions, and the most rewarding part of this type of fundraiser.

You can listen to my pet calendar contest episode (episode 20) of the Hair of the Dog Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

If you listened to my Hair of the Dog Podcast episode (#20), I’d appreciate it if you take a moment to let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you’re a fellow pet photographer and you checked out my course within the Hair of the Dog Academy, I’d also love to hear your successes or answer any questions you have.

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