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It’s been a while since I’ve participated in the Pet Photography 52 Weeks Project blog circle (like the end of June), but I’m jumping back in this week because we’re turning our focus to silhouettes, and being that I just wrapped up the last of my reveal and ordering appointments this past week, what better time than now to share one of my Silhouette Sunset Sessions.

Isaac and Noah are two Italian Greyhounds, Isaac an eight-year-old mix and Noah a five-year-old purebred. Their mom Angie volunteers with Italian Greyhound Rescue and connected with these two through the rescue.

“Isaac came with huge paws to fill after I had heartbreakingly lost all three of my Italian Greyhounds in a very short time (a few months start to finish, the last two just two weeks apart) in 2012. I thought I’d wait a very long time to adopt again, but there he was on Petfinder in Maryland,” recalls Angie. “I inquired, he was already spoken for, it fell through, and he was just meant to be. Isaac saved me. Our relationship means the world to me.”

Italian Greyhound loving owner during a Silhouette Sunset Session near Pittsburgh

Angie describes Noah, her little comedian, as a conventionally beautiful Italian Greyhound, “the most perfect physical example of the breed of the five I’ve had, and so funny. He is quirky and independent. More typical of the breed in personality, he will do what he wants to do when he wants to do it (this makes him loads of fun as an agility dog). Kind of like a cat, he doesn’t really care whether he pleases you or not.”

Italian Greyhound connecting with owner during a Silhouette Sunset Session near Pittsburgh

“Both boys are sweet, curious, and friendly, but in a hesitant, slightly skeptical manner –they need to build trust. That applies to new people, new situations and new animals,” explains Angie. “They travel a couple of times per year and both go to agility classes during regular, non-pandemic times, so they are used to a variety of situations. That said, due to their breed nature, they need to always be on-lead as they can be skittish and will absolutely bolt if they are startled by something like fireworks (which have been a nightmare this summer) or thunder.”

Knowing that leashes are a big concern for many potential clients, Angie and I discussed how Isaac and Noah could definitely stay leashed during their session and how any sign of a leash would be removed during post-processing, which put Angie’s mind at ease. I even brought along my 10′ longer lead to allow them some freedom while still staying safe.

Italian Greyhounds against a sunset sky during a Silhouette Sunset Session near Pittsburgh

“I am biased, but [I] think they are both so gorgeous in their own ways. Isaac is unique due to his slight mix (he’s 75% Italian Greyhound) and has a handsome, sensitive face. His heart is so tender–he will wait for me to come home on the stairs and greet me with a full-on, stretched-out hug. He is so obsessed with his ball and his joy when playing is wonderful. He loves to please at agility.”

And although Angie wasn’t certain that Isaac will catch his beloved ball in the unfamiliar situation, I was thrilled that she brought it along because one of her dream shots was an action shot of him jumping for it. I was even happier with what we captured.

Italian Greyhound playing ball during a Silhouette Sunset Session near Pittsburgh

Fun fact: One of those images was chosen from more than 100 submissions to be featured in The Open Lens Magazine issue number 13. How exciting!

When asking about specific shots she’d like from her session, Angie immediately shared her vision and a special story of her past boys.

“This breed has unique ears and that’s probably why I’ve always loved the back-of-the-head silhouette of them. I have a pic from behind of all three of my old boys on the beach that I had made into a canvas. I would love to try capturing these two from behind together. I would love a shot or two showing the bond between me and them both, or especially with Isaac.”

At her reveal and ordering appointment, Angie chose to celebrate the joy and love her boys have given her with a 16×20 gallery-wrapped canvas that will be displayed proudly next to the one of her three boys on the beach, a beautiful fine art album in a stunning rose pink luxury linen that pulled the pink highlights from the sunset, and two gift prints.

Silhouette Sunset Sessions will return again in 2021 as a Fine Art Pawtrait Session offering with limited spots available. Be sure to share your email on my homepage to join the VIP list and be among the first to hear when these sessions reopen. For even earlier access, join me in the free Bark & Gold Photography VIP Members group on Facebook.

This post is a part of the Pet Photography 52 Weeks project blog circle. To see what the next pawesome photographer is sharing for the weekly theme, “Silhouette,” check out Pet Love Photography, photographing Cincinnati area pets for “Tails of Cincinnati,” a charity book project. Continue to click the link at the end of each post in the blog circle until you eventually find your way back here.

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