I Already Have a Ton of Photos of My Pet; What Makes This Special?

“To be honest, I already have a ton of photos of my dog,” one inquiry call began. “I guess what I’m asking is, what makes what you do different?”

I will admit that this question was certainly a first for me. I figured that if someone was to reach out to learn more about booking a session, they already desire a certain level of professional work, appreciate the value in documenting their special connection with their pet, or have an understanding of the level of client experience they can expect…or maybe not.

Either way, it got me thinking: What is it that we as professional pet photographers provide that makes investing in us, as this inquiry put it, “different” or worthwhile?

The Decision to Invest in Professional Pet Photography

Although I can go on and on about the Bark & Gold Photography experience, share countless five-star reviews from past clients, reiterate how quickly time passes for our four-legged friends, or emphasize how much you’ll love your finished artwork, the decision to invest in professional pet photography is just that—‍an investment—‍and one that should not be taken lightly.

Those who find value in having professional pet portraits will always appreciate these irreplaceable memories; those who don’t may never, finding themselves at the opposite end of the spectrum, content with phone selfies and spur-of-the-moment snapshots—‍and that’s OK! Professional pet photography is a luxury and not one that everyone desires.

Occasionally, however, we encounter potential clients who find themselves torn between wanting and needing professional pet portraits. They are not the same individuals who believe that a picture is just a picture. These people may know they have plenty of photos of their four-legged friend—‍so the motivation for booking is not entirely fueled by necessity—‍rather, it is the want of capturing the joy and love between them and their pet that fuels the desire to document things not always doable when they’re the ones taking the photos or when faced with the countless challenges that present themselves alongside photographing their pet properly.

In this post, I’m sharing three reasons why a professional pet photography session is worth the investment, no matter how many photos you may already have.

1. You get the pleasure of joining in

While you likely have hundreds or even several thousand pictures of your dog on your phone’s camera roll alone, I’m going to take a guess and say you can probably count on one hand the number of photos you have that actually include you with him.

I get it! It can be really difficult to play the role of both photographer and pet parent at once.

You’ve got to find the right light, wrangle him into the some semblance of a position that doesn’t look like he’s going to bolt the second you relax your hold, and then cross your fingers (and toes and eyes) that he’ll actually sit and “staaay, staaay…” And if he does? You’ll challenge yourself to a marathon-like dash from the moment you set that self-timer and press the shutter release button to see if you can reach the finish line before all you’re left with is a shot of your back as you run frantically toward him, huffing and puffing from holding your breath that this all plays out in your favor, and with the added hope that your dog won’t see this sprint as an invitation to a game of catch-me-if-you-can, of course. (Sounds like I may know something about this, huh?) 

When you hire a professional to take care of these things for you, you’re not only able to join in, you’re able to relax and actually enjoy the experience! Your photographer knows how to find the most flattering light at particular locations, guide both you and your pup through candid and posed portraits, manage any challenges that may pop up during your session, and capture calm, happy expressions from your dog (and you).

gold framed prints of a woman and her dogs in a light blue and gray bedroom

What you’ll be left with are portraits more natural and meaningful than you could have ever dreamed of capturing yourself—‍and you’ll actually be in them! That we afford you the opportunity you to see your relationship and connection with your pet in a beautiful, present, and unfiltered way as you let down your guard and remove all worries about having to do this all perfectly is just a bonus.

2. You’ll be left with beautiful keepsakes

Imagine a smile gracing your face as you pass by your breathtaking barnwood-framed print displayed prominently as a focal point in your living room, the sound of your fine art album cracking open as you flip through thick page after page to reminiscence about a special day, or the feeling of the opulent texture on your favorite matted prints tucked away safely in an heirloom folio box. These keepsakes are where the true beauty of your portraits remains for years to come.

From internationally handcrafted artisan touches to archival-quality that promises the excellent standards you expect, every Bark & Gold Photography product is meticulously sourced, custom-designed, and presented with an unwavering promise to last for generations.

I work closely with a variety of professional labs all over the world to bring you the most stunning signature wall art, fine art albums, heirloom folio boxes, and more for quality and beauty that you won’t find at consumer-level labs.

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Frames handcrafted right here in the USA from rustic reclaimed barnwood and the finest genuine solid wood are the finest in the industry while the professional pigments used in my pristine framed canvases and luxurious fine art albums boast the richest, most vibrant colors to bring your portraits to life. 

3. You’ll capture those special moments

Whether documenting the most joyful welcome-home of those exuberant and curious puppy days or intimately capturing the hardest goodbye to a best friend nearing closer to crossing the Rainbow Bridge, I’ve never had clients come back after their session and say that they regretted having professional pet portraits taken.

The moments we’ll capture, from high-energy puppy kisses to the appreciative eyes of a sugar-faced senior silently thanking you for years of love and loyalty, alongside the emotions you’ll feel when you see your images for the first time, are nearly impossible to describe. It’s not unusual for clients to shed a tear on delivery day as they unwrap their artwork or for them to gush to their pets about the gorgeous new addition to their wall as their four-legged family members jump around excitedly as if to say, Yes, Mom and Dad—‍that’s me!

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To have these special moments to reflect upon as your dog ages and to preserve the subtle changes documented over time is undeniably the most beautiful gift you can give to yourself and your beloved friend.

If you’re curious to know more about how the Bark & Gold Photography experience is unlike any other you may have had with your pets, I’d love to hear from you and share my complimentary inquiry guide. Choose your adventure below to begin.

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