If Tomorrow Never Comes: Why Now is The Time for Professional Pet Portraits

Secondary to the heartache of losing a pet is the sadness and regret that comes with having few or no truly good photos of him. My clients tell me that having these images of their loyal companions is a tremendous comfort as they grieve.

One client, in particular, wrote me after ordering her signature wall art piece to thank me for providing her family with their dog’s “senior picture,” adding that it will have a very special place in their home as a beautiful keepsake while they struggle with some decisions about their sweet boy’s health.

Appreciation like that is just one of the reasons I offer Rainbow Sessions, created specifically for pets preparing to cross the Rainbow Bridge due to illness or aging.

We are not promised tomorrow, and for many pet parents facing the inevitable aging or unexpected illness of their best friends, time is fleeting. As you prepare to say goodbye with a Rainbow Session, it’s important that I provide you the opportunity to walk away from our time together with heartwarming portraits and beautiful products.

During your session, we will let your pet set the pace for a calm and relaxed experience that can be held on-location or in the privacy and comfort of your home or backyard. Rainbow Sessions are not designed to be sad, but rather a celebration of the joy and love between you and your pet. Sure, you (OK, both of us) may shed a few tears, but every one of my clients who has booked a Rainbow Session emphasizes how surprisingly healing and cathartic it was.

traditional framed prints in oak and black wood of dogs during Rainbow Sessions

Our four-legged friends grow and change so quickly and their years with us are not guaranteed and are far too short. I encourage you to, at the very least, set aside a few moments whenever possible to photograph your pet. Find ways to capture his personality and the small details you love most. And don’t forget to include yourself and your family in them as well.

If you aren’t comfortable doing so, ask a friend to help or hire a professional pet photographer.

Forget “when I have time” and the “I’ve-been-meaning-to’s.”

Photograph your fur babies—‍and do it often—‍because I promise, one day, you will be thankful that you did. Ask anyone who’s ever loved and lost a pet…

If you’d like to learn more to help determine if a Rainbow Session is right for you, I’m happy to help. Choose your adventure below to begin.

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