From Portrait to Products: Portia Bleu’s Flower-Filled Spring Session at Phipps Conservatory

I don’t play favorites, but if I did, Portia Bleu would certainly be among them! I mean, a Frenchie among flowers at one of my favorite locations? How could I not love everything about her! This five-year-old princess is absolute perfection. You can try and convince me otherwise, but…ain’t happenin’!

Meet Portia Bleu

Born in Miami, this five-year-old high-energy French Bulldog became a Pittsburgh girl at just eight weeks old. Named after the beautiful and affluent Shakespearean protagonist from The Merchant of Venice, her mom Ashley added the middle name Bleu, fitting as she is a blue Frenchie.

French Bulldog posing in the grass at Phipps Conservatory near Pittsburgh

“Her spirit!” is what Ashley immediately expressed as what she adores most about this spunky pup. “She is wild! She will walk like a panther towards other dogs and pop up to play with them.”

Portia definitely wanted us all to know that she may be small, but she is sassy! Right in the middle of posing like the best girl ever, Portia decided it was time for a refreshing roll in the grass. For added expression, she stuck out her little pink tongue almost as if to say, “Go ahead and try, Mom, but there’s no stopping me!” and pulverized her pearl necklace.

French Bulldog playing in the grass at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh

But with a face like this, it was nearly impossible for Ashley to be upset by these hilarious antics.

“She truly looks into your soul she makes a deep human connection. I love truly everything about her from her face to her ears and her paws. She’s an absolutely beautiful baby girl!”

The Session: A Flower-Filled Evening at Phipps Conservatory

Portia is one of the faces of the upcoming 2022 Biggies Bullies pet calendar, having helped raise $1,045 of the $25,501 total; to celebrate, Ashley upgraded her complimentary session to a full extended session at a location of her choice. She loved the idea of photographing Portia at Phipps Conservatory in Oakland among the spring flowers, which were in full bloom by the time of her May session. I couldn’t believe how well Portia’s bandana matched the tulips, which was totally not planned, by the way!

French Bulldog posing among tulip gardenat Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh

The early evening sun was just starting to drop behind the main building of Phipps Conservatory illuminating this pretty girl in a spotlight all her own, just as she deserved. She played and posed for some of my favorite portraits I’ve ever captured in this exact spot. Goodness–choosing her calendar contest image is not going to be easy!

From Portrait to Products

Ashley and I met for her reveal and ordering appointment a few weeks later where the happy tears started flowing the moment her slideshow started. (Totally normal, by the way, and the very reason I keep tissues on hand at all times.) Having a nearly impossible time eliminating any of Portia’s gorgeous portraits, Ashley decided on a vibrant fuchsia heirloom folio box with her absolute favorites. I really love that she fell in love with not only so many portraits but with this gorgeous showstopper of a color! (Can I get a #obsessed?)

fuchsia heirloom folio box of a blue Frenchie

“I just want to sincerely thank you for being an amazing photographer and truly badass business owner! I’m so thankful to have you in our lives to fur-ever capture sweet moments with my girl.”

Ashley N.

Keep your eye out for the 2022 Biggies Bullies pet calendar when its released this September to see which portrait of Portia you’ll find inside!

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