Sandy & Tortola, Bonded Chihuahuas – South Park Pet Photography

I always say I enjoy a challenge. When Sandy and Tortola’s mom Emma shared her one wish for her bonded Chihuahuas’ session, I knew I had to make it happen.

“Sandy and Tortola are such fun dogs with such fun personalities, but I feel like no one but my boyfriend and my mom get to see it because they are such scaredy cats sometimes,” explains Emma. “If you are able to capture that in these pictures, that would be the greatest thing!”

Challenge accepted.

A quiet location within South Park provided the pair with an open space away from other dogs and additional distractions. To ease their nervousness, I turned to a longer lens for the majority of their session, but I was able to capture their Chihuahua charm. Look at Sandy’s big smile and  her über adorable underbite!

bonded Chihuahuas smiling by the Oliver Miller Homestead in South Park

“They are two peas in a pod who do everything together,” adds Emma. “Sandy and Tort have come a long way from the life they had in the Virgin Islands. They love going on walks, eating brushing chews, learning new tricks, and figuring out how to place orders for 15 boxes of Amazon Surprise Sweets. ”

Perhaps the best part of our session? Hearing their mom exclaim “Oh, my gosh–I love you!” when I showed her this image. Mission accomplished.

bonded Chihuahuas posing on rocks in South Park

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