Ambrose’s Rainbow Session at Phipps Conservatory – Pittsburgh Dog Photography

As the mama to my own senior, old dogs will always have my heart, so when I received a Rainbow Session inquiry from Amy for her 15-year-old black Lab mix, Ambrose, I knew I had to save him a spot on my jam-packed fall calendar.

Like many do when they begin to notice a decline in their dog due to age or illness, Amy reached out after noticing Ambrose was starting to have some health issues that left her and her husband Jared concerned that this sugar face may not be around for much longer.

“We want to make sure we capture us together and get some pictures we can have forever,” emphasized Amy. “[Ambrose is] a bit wobbly on his legs and slower than he used to be, but [he] still has a lot of energy and personality.”

That’s likely because Ambrose is currently undergoing treatment for anemia, which Amy believes is linked to some type of cancer. She added that while he’s pretty lethargic these days and walks fairly slowly and tires easily, this sweet boy does have occasional moments of energy as well, a burst of which hit during our time at Phipps Conservatory and Schenley Plaza. He had such a joyful time prancing along the cobblestone path and soaking up all the love from his mom and dad. You’d have never guessed he is 15-years-old! And the look of love in his eyes as his gaze locked on his mom: melts my heart.

senior black Lab mix on cobblestone path near Phipps Conservatory and Schenley Park

“Ambrose belonged to Jared for several years before we met. He was a rescue from a local shelter and was actually scheduled to be put down before Jared got him,” recalls Amy. “As soon as I met Ambrose, I fell in love with his goofy personality and adorable face, and I joke that he was my boyfriend before Jared was.”

senior black Lab mix loving on his mom at Schenley Plaza

“He is such a sweet boy, and even in his old age, he’s just a good dog,” Amy says. “He also has muscle loss, including on his head, so his one eye is more sunken in than the other. With his sunken in face and white fur, it just adds to his cuteness.”

Amy and Jared’s hope was that Ambrose would have one of his spurts of energy during their session, but knowing that it really varies day to day how he feels, she cautioned me that we may have to take it slow when walking from place to place. They told me that as long as they get some family photos and some that capture their old gentleman, they’d be thrilled. I’d certainly say we made that happen. Like as happens with many Rainbow Session dogs, Ambrose was high-spirits, charmingly happy-go-lucky, and a total heartthrob during his session. I’m convinced they know when it’s their special day.

At their reveal and ordering appointment, Amy and Jared narrowed down their images to feature their absolute favorite in a large barnwood frame while several others made their way into a classic folio box and were chosen for the three complimentary gift prints included with their Rainbow Session.

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