Q&A: Dog Hair! What Should I Wear?

If you’re days out from your session and find yourself in your email, mouse hovering above the send button, debating on shooting me a what-do-I-wear? email, you’re not alone. Uncertainty about what to wear is very common. You may be wondering what colors will look best, curious about what outfits will complement your chosen location, questioning if certain fabrics will become a magnet for dog hair, and second-guessing your footwear as you rummage through 59 pairs of shoes stashed beneath your bed.


Deep breath.

Girl, I hear you, and I’ve got you covered from head to toe.

In fact, you’re exactly the reason I’ve put together a collection of resources that will help you pull together the perfect ensemble.

The first is your session guide, which is mailed home in your client welcome package and emailed to you early on in the planning process. In addition to covering important details, such as session day tips and answers to my most frequently asked questions, this guide includes a section devoted entirely to what to wear. Whether you’re trying to narrow down clothing based on the vibe you desire, looking at layering, or perplexed by picking a palette for the whole family, reviewing this is a great place to start.

In addition to your session guide, I also offer an extensive (and constantly growing) collection of Pinterest pins on my What To Wear To Your Session boards that is linked directly within your session guide PDF. Here you’ll find general tips, color palettes separated by color family, outfit inspiration by season and location, and even advice for doing your hair and make up.

If it’s color palettes you’re struggling with, I can also put together a color mood board to help you zone in on the shades and colors that work well together as well as with the location we’ll be shooting in. As you can see in this autumn woods-inspired one, this particular color palette complements this leafy location without appearing too “matchy.” Pulling in softer hues, such as blush pink and dusty rose, may not be your first instinct when you imagine a fall color palette, but notice how well they play with the sandy shade of the path and pop against the leaves while offering a beautiful alternative to darker jewel tones and traditional autumn hues.

autumn woods-inspired color mood board with pink and fall hues

If, however, you find yourself still at a loss even after reviewing these resources, I’m here to help. You can always email photos of potential outfits (or a few links if you’re online shopping). I’m happy to offer feedback and suggestions to style your session with clothing that rings true to your style and makes you feel great!

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