Celebrating Excellence: Bark & Gold Photography Wins Pet Photographer of the Year 2024 in Pennsylvania

I’m thrilled to announce that Bark & Gold Photography has been awarded the prestigious title of Pet Photographer of the Year 2024 in Pennsylvania by LUXlife Magazine! This prestigious accolade comes as part of LUXlife‘s annual Pet Products & Services Awards, celebrating excellence in services and products dedicated to our beloved pets’ health, well-being, and luxurious comfort.

Raising the Bar and Inspiring Pet Excellence

LUXlife Magazine’s awards recognize those who elevate the experience of pet owners, providing top-tier grooming, food, accessories, and more. This year’s winners have demonstrated unwavering dedication to improving the lives of pets and their owners alike. Bark & Gold Photography’s recognition highlights an outstanding commitment to capturing the unique essence and beauty of pets through stunning photography and luxury, handcrafted artwork and products.

The nomination and selection process for the Pet Products & Services Awards is both rigorous and thorough. LUXlife’s team carefully reviews each nominee’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Through a combination of public voting, expert analysis, and an in-depth evaluation of each business’s achievements, LUXlife ensures that only the most deserving candidates receive these high-ranking awards. Bark & Gold Photography’s acknowledgment by LUXlife underscores the dedication and passion behind Jessica’s work, highlighting her unwavering devotion to excellence in pet photography.

Laura O’Carroll, Awards Coordinator, remarked, “Our pets mean so much to us, and we know they each deserve the finest options for their health and well-being. Our winners have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to quality so as to improve the lives of our beloved pets while helping us to feel like the greatest pet parents out there. I wish them all the success imaginable for the years to come.”

Redefining Professional Pet Portraiture

While this nomination and award is the second I’ve received from LUXlife, it’s always an honor to be part of such a distinguished group of awardees. My commitment to delivering stunning pet portraits has not only earned me this well-deserved recognition but has also set a new standard in professional pet photography as I strive to ensure that every pet’s story is told their way—​with love, artistry, and the utmost care. This award is a testament to the passion and dedication I pour into my work, and I’m excited to continue creating beautiful artwork and lasting memories for Pittsburgh’s most loved pets. This award inspires me to continue raising the bar and delivering excellence in every aspect of the client experience.

Being acknowledged among such talented pet photographers, including my good friend and Progress Partner Carol Arscott of Philadelphia-based Carol Arscott Photography, Kim Hollis of Barkography in North Carolina, and several others, is even more exciting.

Thank you to all my clients and supporters for being an integral part of my magical fur-covered journey! Your trust and enthusiasm have been the driving force behind every session, every portrait, and every piece of handcrafted artwork. It’s an incredible privilege to celebrate your pets as you know and love them best! As I look forward to the future of Bark & Gold Photography, I’m excited to continue celebrating these special bonds and deeply grateful for the opportunity to be part of your lives and to share in the joy and love that you and your pets bring to one another.

About LUXlife Pet Products & Services Awards

To learn more about the LUXlife Pet Products & Services Awards and view the full list of winners, visit LUXlife’s awards page.

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