English Setters Ace & Odie – Beaver County Dog Photography

English Setters are often described as “the gentlemen of the dog world” with their friendly, carefree, and good-natured disposition. Anna and Patrick’s boys, Ace and Odie, were no exception.

“Ace & Odie came from different English Setter breeders as pups,” says Anna. “Once we had Ace for about 2.5 years, [Patrick and I] knew we wanted another Setter. That’s when we heard about a breeding and decided to get a pup from that litter. We agreed that the next dog we got I could name Odie. His registered name is Wylie Kye Odie. Both are registered in the field dog stud book (hunting registration). Ace’s registered name is Laurel Mountain Royal Flush. We got Ace from the “royal flush,” but also for grouse hunting when the birds fly, or flush.”

Anna described their boys as very active and eager to please, especially Odie, explaining that “Odie has been a ball of energy since he has come home with us. Our home and hearts are full with our dogs by our sides. They always want to make their owner happy.” I’ll say! Can you believe these are some of their first shots of the session?!

English Setters explore the autumn woods at Brady's Run Park in Beaver County

Anna and Patrick were such fun and were up for anything I proposed, from climbing down a few small embankments to climbing under a stone footbridge through a creek.

English Setters pose in a creek at Brady's Run Park in Beaver County

After all that posing, I suggested a few running shots to let the boys burn off any leftover energy. These images really highlight Odie’s boisterous pawsonality. As he did for most of the session, Ace went along for the ride in his own laid-back way (but I think he secretly enjoyed his rambunctious run with Patrick at the other end of their leashes).

English Setters run among falling leaves at Brady's Run Park in Beaver County

Patrick and Anna, thank you for a fun session with your dynamic duo! I look forward to delivering your beautiful prints to you!

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