Olive & Coco’s Autumn Session at Brady’s Run Park – Pittsburgh Dog Photography

Olive & Coco are such a sweet and spunky pair! They, along with their parents, recently met me at Brady’s Run Park, one of my absolute favorite places to shoot, for a beautiful autumn session.

“Both dogs came to us from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in Nashville. Olive was adopted three years ago when we wanted a friend for our dog Lincoln,” shares their mom Courtney. “About a year after we adopted Olive, Lincoln was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away soon after and we knew that Olive would need a friend[…] a few months after, we adopted Coco.”

two dogs posing along a creek at Brady's Run Park in Beaver Falls

Courtney describes Olive as the more laidback of the two, but notes that she loves to run and play when she is outside. Coco, on the other hand, is very friendly and outgoing. Courtney says that this pretty girl bounces everywhere she goes! Both had a blast taking a cold dip in the creeks and lake. No kidding–within minutes of arriving at our first spot in the park, these two were drenched!

two dogs swimming in a creek at Brady's Run Park in Beaver Falls

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