Your Pet Photography Experience – Part 3: The Reveal and Ordering Appointment

Your reveal and ordering appointment is exactly what it sounds like–and it’s probably the part you’ve been most excited for too! Essentially, it’s when we meet to view your images for the first time, to determine how you’d like to enjoy them within your home, and to place your order. On the surface, it sounds so simple, but there is so much more to this appointment than just viewing and ordering.

Before we move on, let me see a show of hands if you’ve ever booked a session only to have your photographer email you a massive online gallery of seemingly endless photos–many of which look identical to three others–and then tell you to let her know which ones you’d like. If your hand is still down, consider yourself lucky because I’ve heard it so many times I’ve practically come to expect it: I’m so indecisive, it was nearly impossible to choose on my own, so I never did, or, I had so many files to sort through that it became overwhelming, or my favorite, I paid for and received my digital files, but I got sidetracked with life and never downloaded or printed them. Relatable, right?

When I hear statements like those, I cringe. I can’t imagine leaving you hanging to figure all this out on your own; sure, you’ve got a vision of how you’re going to display your photos and maybe even a plan to execute that, but the reality is those good intentions rarely result in follow-through. Chances are you’ve got far more fun ways you’d rather spend your time than running to your local consumer photo lab or spending hours in front of a screen trying to design a photo album, like spending time with your dog doing all his favorite things.

Your reveal and ordering appointment is equally as special to me as it is to you because I’ve seen and heard firsthand from hundreds of clients how much they truly appreciate the guidance and ease in choosing their products and images. As a full-service photographer, one of my top priorities is to ensure that your entire photography experience from start to finish is straightforward, stress-free, and results in exactly what you’re looking for. By the time we meet for this appointment, I have already done all the “work.” Hundreds of images are culled down to just the best of the best, wall groupings have been designed to your exact room specifications and style, and I’ve got every product I offer with me for you to see and feel. No overwhelm. No guesswork. No extra anything required on your end.

Your reveal kicks off with your session slideshow and a something special from my favorite local bakery. You’ll see all of your images set to music before we go through them individually to compare and narrow them down further. We talk product options, starting with signature wall art and the various sizes available, discussing which finishes best suit your home decor and the look you desire for your final images. If you’re thinking of adding a fine art album or an heirloom folio box, we’ll dive into those as well, talking cover options, fabric colors, cover/box lid photos, page layouts, and more. Most clients choose to grab a few boutique add-ons for those last few images they’d like to highlight on coffee tables, shelves, or in their offices, so we’ll go over those before finalizing any bonus products you may have earned.

Lightroom gallery and product sample for reveal and ordering appointment

At this point, all the decision-making is done with the exception of how you’d like to pay for your products. Once paid in full, whether at your reveal and ordering appointment or upon completion of a payment plan, your order is sent to one of my professional photography labs where your products are created using the highest archival-quality materials that result in the most detailed, unique, hand-crafted heirlooms of your furry friend!

This post is the third in a four-part blog series about your pet photography experience with Bark & Gold Photography. Check back soon for part-four, which will wrap up your Bark & Gold Photography experience with the delivery of your products.

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