Pittsburgh Dog Photographer Places in International Photo Contest

Have you heard of Shoot & Share’s Photo Contest? It’s an annual international contest in which photographers can enter up to 50 photos over 25 various categories, such as pets/animals, share joy, engagement and couples, and wedding couples . Every image submitted appears in 48 different sets throughout the 12-round voting period as the contest randomly displays a rotating group of four photos from these 25 categories. As voting progresses, new sets are created so that every photo that advances to the next round gets matched up with new photos from that category. The cool part is that no one knows who took which images, but everyone votes for the winners to ensure that the photos with the most votes win.

The Photo Contest was open for voting for 31 days with winners announced between Mar. 5-19. Although this was my first time entering, I ended up with some exciting results! My goal was to have at least one image place among the top 20%, and I am pleased to share that I exceeded that by placing in the top 10% of the pets/animals category with this photo.

top 10 Shoot & Share image for 2018 photo contest

Out of the 14,426 submissions in that category, that one finished in 1,428th place. Another photo of mine earned top 30% status, finishing in 3,268th place. I am as happy as Odie running through the leaves!

top 30 Shoot & Share image for 2018 photo contest

Did you enter Shoot & Share’s Photo Contest this year? If so, I’d love to hear how you did in the comments.

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