Pittsburgh Dog Photographer Selected for Shadyside Open Air Gallery

Oh, my goodness! Do I have some happy news to share! I’ve had the hardest time keeping this special announcement to myself while I waited for the required paperwork to process, but now that the ball is rolling, I can finally share that one of my photos has been selected for inclusion in the Captured::Pittsburgh open air photography gallery for this April!

You see, in late February I submitted one of my photos via Instagram for Captured::Pittsburgh’s March freestyle theme. There were no rules except to hashtag Captured::Pittsburgh on Instagram and any subject was welcomed, be it people, landscapes, dogs and cats, automotive, music, etc. his month alone, more than 1,000 images were submitted.

Captured Pittsburgh selected artist banner 2018

A few days after March’s theme submissions closed, I received confirmation that I was one of eight selected artists who will be featured in Captured::Pittsburgh’s Shadyside open air gallery.  My image will be printed and displayed as a 32×30 aluminium print that will be hung via a cable system, creating the appearance that it’s floating within the gallery space.

As its website explains,  the Captured::Pittsburgh “outdoor public photography galleries are transforming otherwise nondescript, empty spaces in the city into galleries of vibrant, creative, eye-catching photographs.” This open air photography gallery is privately funded by the Shadyside Chamber of Commerce and through donations from various businesses throughout the Shadyside community. These contributions help this non-profit continue to support, promote, and educate local creatives while bringing together Pittsburgh’s community of photographers, videographers, and graphic designers in an effort to beautiful the city. Captured::Pittsburgh focuses on highlighting local photographs and artwork that reflect the region’s diverse culture and unparalleled beauty.

On April 4, I plan to attend the April gallery unveiling and artists’ meet-and-greet where I’ll get to unveil my own print and sign it. Hopefully I’ll have some photos from the event to share, but if you’re participating in this year’s Bark Shadyside Pup Walk presented by my friends at Petagogy, be sure to stop by with your pup and check it out.

To be chosen from such an overwhelmingly talented pool of Pittsburgh photographers is an honor. That this particular photo is of my Hunter, the very reason why I fell in love with the dog photography niche, is even more reason to celebrate. I am humbled to represent a small portion of April’s gallery and so appreciative of CAPTURED::PITTSBURGH for recognizing my work.

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